10 Ways to Find Free Books for Your Kindle, Kobo or Nook

Some say there is nothing better than cuddling up with a good book, but what about a free book?

We think that’s even better, too, so we’ve researched the best ways to download free ebooks for your Amazon Kindle — or even a Kobo or Nook.

You can obtain all the free Kindle books in our guide at no charge. You won’t need a subscription or a credit card here.

In addition to tapping into the power of your local library, we’ve discovered quite a few resources offering free ebooks to the masses. Our picks include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Libby
  3. BookBub
  4. Book Lending
  5. eReaderIQ
  6. Project Gutenberg
  7. ManyBooks
  8. Free Booksy
  9. Centsless Books
  10. One Hundred Free Books

10 Resources to Download Free Kindle Books

Here are the best ways to download free Kindle books to your e-reader. Some services can send texts directly to your Kindle wirelessly; others will require you to transfer books to your Kindle via the USB cable manually. But they are all free reads.

1. Amazon

The top option for free Kindle books may surprise some, but it’s true: Amazon offers up free ebooks directly on its website. You can find free ebooks for your Kindle by searching “free ebooks” on Amazon. It’s that simple.

This simple method is one of the best ways to obtain free ebooks. Once purchased, you own them for life — and there are dozens of titles in each genre.

2. Libby

It may seem like the internet has minimized the impact of local libraries, but they continue to provide resources, including free ebooks. The Libby app by Overdrive is a common way to access and check out digital books provided by your library.

Libby supports Amazon Kindle, Kobo, smartphones, and tablets, so you can read on your favorite devices. All you need to get started is an active library card. Libby works like your local library. You may need to place books on hold before obtaining them.

3. BookBub

Here’s a fun option to try out if you’re a bookworm — BookBub. You get access to a large selection of free (as well as discounted ebooks) for your Kindle, Kobo, Nook or other digital devices. You can manually sort through options or check out editor recommendations.

If books are the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be excited to learn that BookBub offers a daily newsletter. BookBub will email you a list of the day’s best discounted and free titles after you sign up. Best of all, it’s tailored to your taste.

4. Book Lending

Remember the days of yesteryear, when you could loan out physical books to family and friends? Book Lending enables that sharing in the digital world by connecting readers with each other at no cost.

Amazon allows Kindle readers to lend out books from their personal library to others for a limited period. Book Lending helps match readers seeking books with owners who may be able to lend the title. There is no risk to either party, and it’s an excellent way to lend out books that local libraries may not possess.

5. eReaderIQ

Not all free Kindle resources provide books themselves. Some simply make accessing Amazon’s free catalog of ebooks easier. If you’re not a fan of browsing Amazon’s site, you can check out eReaderIQ, a website dedicated to helping you find great ebook deals.

You can browse the latest Kindle ebook discounts on Amazon’s store or sort through available free titles. You even track the price of a specific book over time, setting up alerts so that you can swoop in and purchase it at the right moment.

Pro Tip

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6. Project Gutenberg

By now, Project Gutenberg seems to have been around as long as the printing press. With over 60,000 free ebooks, Project Gutenberg’s mission is to “encourage the creation and distribution of ebooks.” It does so by primarily providing access to works in the public domain.

Perfect for those who love the classics and students, you can find noteworthy literary titles in every genre. Popular picks on Project Gutenberg include “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle, and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.

7. ManyBooks

Another one of our favorite picks for free Kindle books is ManyBooks. This online digital library gives you access to a shocking number of titles at no cost. If you aren’t a Kindle reader, don’t dismay. ManyBooks offers books in formats for nearly any e-reader.

What we love most about ManyBooks is the well-designed website. It’s easy to navigate your favorite genres with large colorful book cover art or find a specific title using the search function.

Remember that not all books are free; some are discounted.

8. Free Booksy

Free books are only a click away for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or tablet with Free Booksy. Start by signing up for the website’s daily newsletter and selecting your favorite genres. You’ll receive personalized recommendations for free books in your inbox.

If you prefer to dive into the catalog instead, you can use the Free Booksy website to pursue the best books in different literary genres. If you’re in the mood to start an entire series, the website has a section so you can get settled in for the long haul.

9. Centsless Books

For those who love to look through an endless sea of free books, Centsless Books gives you the opportunity. Centless Books attempts to assemble Amazon’s ever-changing selection of free books by genre.

If you’re looking for free Kindle books, you’re in the right place, but fans of other ebook readers will need to look elsewhere.

One aspect we particularly enjoy about Centsless Books is its breakdown of literary genres. If you are particular about the books you seek, the cataloging system is sure to assist you with finding that perfect free book.

Pro Tip

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10. One Hundred Free Books

This particular website will quickly discover hundreds of free and discounted books. One Hundred Free Books allows readers to sign up for its newsletter, receiving alerts when books are free or on sale.  Registering for One Hundred Free Book’s newsletter won’t cost a penny.

You can browse the website catalog for current free and discounted deals if you prefer not to receive email alerts. One Hundred Free Books sorts its listings by literary genres and provides a search bar for specific lookups. The site targets Kindle readers through the Amazon store, so Nook and Kobo fans will need a different option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get Free Kindle Books?

The best way to locate free Kindle books is by searching “free Kindle books” or “free ebooks”  on Amazon. The selection of free books routinely changes, so check back for new options.

Otherwise, the good old-fashioned public library system still exists. You can access and check out ebooks from your local library using the Libby app by Overdrive or whichever system your local library uses.

Are There Some Free Books on Kindle?

There is quite a collection of free books available for the Kindle. We recommend starting with Amazon and searching for free ebooks there. Our other favorite sources for finding free Kindle books include BookBub, eReaderIQ and ManyBooks.

How Do You Get Kindle Unlimited for Free?

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription service for ebooks. You pay one flat monthly price to access a vast library of over 1 million ebooks. Kindle Unlimited typically costs $10 a month, but new users can start with a 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for them.

What Is the Best Free Online Library for Ebooks?

If you want to take out digital ebooks from an online library system, we recommend using Libby. Powered by Overdrive, the Libby app for iOS and Android allows you to borrow books from your local library. 

You can read borrowed books directly on your smartphone or tablet. Readers can also forward them to devices such as the Kindle or Kobo.

Michael Archambault is a senior writer for The Penny Hoarder specializing in technology.

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