27 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Finds You’ll Regret Not Buying

I’m not normally one to condone random purchases that don’t warrant much forethought, but during sale season, you don’t really have much of a choice. Trust me—I spent 99% of the recent holiday weekend scouring every sale on the internet, and on multiple occasions, items I had in my cart disappeared minutes after they were added when someone else pressed purchase before I gathered the courage to do so myself. There’s no room for hesitation in times like these. It’s all about action. 

I’ve never learned this lesson as intensely as I have at Nordstrom, where I’ve been missing out on unforgettable sale items during the company’s Half-Yearly sale for almost two decades. Never again will I make that mistake—and neither should you. With that said, when I tell you that the 27 Nordstrom-sale finds below should be purchased immediately, I’m not saying so lightly. So, if you trust me at all, you’ll get scrolling. Hesitation will only lead to regret.  

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