7 objective reasons to do yoga

And 7 positive changes that you will notice in your body after a complex of spiritual and physical practices.

Yoga is not a sport at all, although work with your own body, of course, involves. Translated from Sanskrit, this term in different interpretations is defined as harmony, connection between body and soul, exercises for their unity. Therefore, in yoga practices, attention is paid to the physical and spiritual state, which is not found in any other sport.

And although the achievement of nirvana is not given to everyone, but only to the most persistent, there are many other reasons to practice yoga regularly. Here are seven main ones.

1. Calm your nerves

Yoga helps you relax (Photo:

Remember the last time you managed to find time for yourself, just sit, think and relax? If you can’t remember, most likely you live in a state of constant stress, which destroys your nervous system, and at the same time damages your body. Stress causes the heart and blood vessels, metabolism and endocrine system to malfunction.

The good thing about yoga is that the exercise requires absolute calmness, even breathing and immersion in oneself. After a short complex, you can relax, and this inner satisfaction will last for a long time.

2. Tone the muscles

Yoga is not about making your body stronger or more enduring. No, it’s a strength training challenge. But during the performance of the poses, certain muscle groups work, which brings them into tone. Without building muscle mass, without increasing muscle volume, they become stronger and denser, which makes the body “qualitatively” different.

A good muscle corset eliminates back pain, sagging chest and buttocks, makes the hips, abdomen and sides taut.

3. Give your body flexibility

Yoga is a great full-body stretch (Photo:

Over time, every person who practices yoga becomes very flexible. The reason for this is systematic work with muscles and ligaments, which stretches them and makes them elastic. Flexibility is good at any age. This is a state of the body that eliminates the feeling of stiffness, “stiffness” when doing everyday activities. Plus, flexible people are less prone to injury to muscles, joints, and tendons.

4. Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Correct, deep breathing during exercise activates blood flow and stimulates the work of the heart muscle. Loads on the heart are necessary, as they make it more resilient, protect against rhythm disturbances, heart attack.

The uniform rhythm of yoga exercises allows people with disabilities of the cardiovascular system to practice it without the risk of aggravating the disease. On the contrary, yoga heals the heart and blood vessels.

5. Give your brain oxygen

Yoga improves blood flow to the brain (Photo:

Breathe deeply and your brain will become more active. Oxygen brings enriched blood to the brain, which means it improves its nutrition. You will notice that you have become more focused on solving day-to-day issues. The speed of your reactions will become faster and your attention more developed. Breathing practices improve memory, which is important for people in adulthood.

6. Develop a beautiful posture

Believe me, it’s never too late to do this. A straight back, proudly straightened shoulders, a tucked up belly – this draws attention to every woman. But besides only aesthetic satisfaction, you will also experience physical satisfaction. An even posture ensures a physiological position of the spine, protecting against increased stress on the joints and the development of inflammatory processes in them (osteochondrosis, arthrosis).

7. Forget about digestive problems

Poses provide for a massage of the digestive system organs (Photo:

Many yoga postures involve gentle indirect massage of the internal organs. This stimulates the digestive system and solves delicate problems such as indigestion or constipation. Over time, you will notice that the heaviness in your stomach has disappeared. And you will only feel lightness throughout the body.

Isn’t that the best reason to do yoga as soon as possible? Try it!

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