7 reasons to do resistance training

Do you think that pulling kettlebells in the gym and pressing a barbell from the chest is an activity only for 20-year-old men? Not at all, if you want to maintain a beautiful body and excellent health until old age.

Strength training is exercise that is done under stress. They are aimed at increasing the volume of muscle tissue, increasing strength and endurance. Interestingly, these effects are accompanied by others, which are quickly noted by men and women who go to the gym. Along with the increase in muscle volume, amazing changes occur in the body. Here are seven main ones.

1. New body proportions

Strength training changes the body (Photo:

If you plan to “swing” to lose weight, you may be disappointed in the first stage. The fact is that strength training often has the opposite effect that you will notice on the scales. Your stable habitual weight can suddenly become more, and only over time it will begin to decrease. Why is this happening?

The fact is that power loads are aimed at increasing the volume of muscle mass, and it, naturally, has its own weight. Moreover, muscles weigh more fat, so when your body begins to change, the scales will show completely different numbers than you expect. But soon you will notice that your thighs have become tighter and tighter, your arms are tighter, your chest is high, and your waist circumference has decreased.

This is a redistribution of volumes that spur strength training. As the muscles in the body become larger, the amount of fat naturally decreases.

2. Good blood circulation

Working with each muscle group increases blood flow to it, which is a natural way to keep blood flowing through the body. Improving blood circulation brings many benefits to the body.

Your skin will look better as it receives more nutrients from the blood. Your brain will work faster, which means your memory, attention, speed of thinking and reactions will improve.

3. Fast metabolism

Exercise speeds up metabolism (Photo:

A fast metabolism is what keeps you from gaining weight, even when you are not on any diet. And the body uses up energy intensively during sleep or when you brush your teeth. A fast metabolism is inherent in people engaged in strength training. And it remains consistently high with regular, but not even daily, loads.

It is enough to train three times a week so that the rate of metabolic processes in your body always remains high.

4. Cellulite will disappear

Exercise under load changes more than just body proportions. By accelerating blood circulation and stimulating lymph flow, they prevent the formation of “orange peel” on the thighs and destroy the cellulite that has already formed. The body really becomes different.

5. No back pain

Your back muscles get stronger (Photo:

Sedentary work brings back discomfort even to those who have never had spinal problems. Strength training strengthens the muscles and keeps the spine in a physiological position. This prevents the development of osteochondrosis – the main “scourge” of office workers. It also helps to avoid back pain in the presence of scoliosis.

6. Strength is enough for everything

Walking with your child, cleaning the apartment, ironing the linen, running to the store or spending the whole day in the office and not getting tired at all. This is the result of an increase in the body’s endurance, when daily activities and periodic loads no longer seem heavy. And there is also enough strength to pay attention to the second half in the evening.

In addition to external manifestations of endurance, there are also internal ones. Strength training increases heart endurance. By pumping blood intensively during exercise, the heart muscle becomes stronger and stronger, which protects it from disease.

7. You will stop aging of the body

Muscular people age slowly (Photo:

After 40 years, the muscles in our body begin to break down. They are replaced by adipose tissue, therefore, with age, even while maintaining a stable weight, the “quality” of the body becomes completely different.

By maintaining muscle volume, you keep your body young. And for men, maintaining muscle mass is the only way to maintain healthy testosterone levels in the body, on which sexual activity and weight stability depend.

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