A Black Psychiatrist’s Podcast Strives to Help Reduce Pandemic-Induced Stress and Anxiety


Pandemic-related stress is rising, and so is depression.

Busy individuals who are attempting to balance their work, self-care, and their personal lives have a place to turn online. A board-certified psychiatrist named Dr. Ericka Goodwin seeks to help professionals to improve their existence through a new podcast called Better With Dr. Ericka, according to

“As a psychiatrist, I encounter so many busy professionals that are unhappy, overwhelmed, and anxious because they give the best of themselves to everyone else, leaving themselves with the leftovers,” Goodwin said.

In 2020, it was noted that adults in the U.S. experienced more depression during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to survey results published by JAMA Network Open. The study collected data from 5,065 subjects before and 1,441 of them in the midst the pandemic. Symptoms of depression more than tripled.

Depression is more than just feeling sorrowful. It “is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest,” according to Mayo Clinic.


The Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist possesses more than 20 years of experience in her field, according to information that was provided on the podcast’s website. Living better is an intentional act which may involve slowing down enough to receive additional education and motivation from an expert who has already developed anxiety or stress management strategies.

The self-employed psychiatrist is driven to assist others to live “their best life,” according to her LinkedIn profile. Goodwin’s childhood wish was to become a doctor.

Her podcast has already covered topics relating to the pandemic, women leaders, the demise of a parent, entrepreneurship and purposeful living, according to

“I make mental health practical and user-friendly to help people claim the life that they were created for.” Tune in to Better With Dr. Ericka to gain the tools and inspiration you need to be the best version of yourself,” Goodwin said.

Click here to learn more about Better With Dr. Ericka.


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