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A Foolproof Formula for Creating Powerful Affirmations (And 30 Ready-to-Go Options)


How we interact with the world is correlated to how we see ourselves in the world. And with affirmations – powerful, short, and memorable “I am” statements repeated over time – we can help our brains adapt to affirmative thinking and encourage a positive mindset and self-perception. 

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If you are experiencing a dip in your mindset, leveraging an affirmation is one of the quickest techniques you can employ to kick-start a mindset reset. Below, you will find an affirmation bank with 30 affirmations shared by top KW MAPS BOLD Coaches. But, if time permits, KW MAPS Coach John Vander Gheynst shares that creating your own affirmations makes them that much more powerful. 

A Quick Formula for Creating Affirmations

Vander Gheynst provides the following framework for creating your own affirmations:

Step 1: Think about your desired state. When you are at your best, who are you being and how are you showing up? Take some time with that thought, and fill in the following sentence. “I am at my best when I am _______________.” Perhaps you are excited, enthusiastic, or optimistic. Perhaps the term you think of is completely different. Whatever comes to mind, make note of it. 

Step 2: Go back to a time which describes that feeling. Think back to when you were your best. Remember it vividly, and write it down. Which key words jump out to you as important aspects of the person you want to be? Circle those words. 

Step 3: Let the statements flow out. Write simple statements that begin with “I am” or “I choose to be” and fill in the blanks based on your observations from step two. Keep these statements as short and memorable as possible. 

Step 4: Repeat them loudly and proudly. It is important for you to hear yourself say these statements out loud, so repeat them a minimum of five times. “I find it helpful to say them from the heart the same way you would be saying them to a great friend,” Vander Gheynst shares. “Instead of this being an intellectual exercise, consider it an exercise for the soul.” 

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30 Affirmations to Set the Tone 

Whether you’re just starting out your affirmations journey or simply do not have the time or mindset to create your very own at the moment, here are 30 pre-canned affirmations that KW MAPS Coaches are using within their own lives and businesses. 

Molly de Mattos, BOLD Coach

De Mattos shares affirmations she has written in the past few weeks. Her affirmation process starts in the morning, when she uses her planner to write five things she is grateful for. From there, she consults her calendar to write down her do’s for the day. With that information in mind, she decides who she needs to be and creates her affirmations accordingly. 

  1. I provide value in every interaction, and people love talking to me. 
  2. I love bringing positivity to the world around me, so I do it with intention all day.
  3. I choose positivity in every situation, and this perspective keeps me grounded. 
  4. I am grateful and my grateful heart impacts others all day.
  5. I am a wonderful guide and a great leader. My influence helps everyone I contact.
  6. I am enough. I’m here, I’m grounded, and I’m present. 
  7. I am an enthusiastic participant in my intentional life.
  8. I let my light shine and as I do this, I help other people shine theirs as well.
  9. I get what I deserve in my imagination, so I imagine great things.
  10. I am focused, prepared, and ready to succeed.

Dusty Oglesby, BOLD Coach

  1. I choose to make good choices today, because the choices I make, make me.
  2. I choose my happy.
  3. I am who I say I am, I do what I say I will do, and I achieve the goals I set for my life and my business.
  4. I choose to hold every limited thought captive today and un-limit it.
  5. I am the best person to serve the people in my database today.
  6. I choose faith over fear today in every circumstance.
  7. I am a game changer, a world changer, and a difference maker.
  8. I am the CEO of my business and the CEO of my life.
  9. Today I choose to be 1% better.
  10. I LIVE the legacy I choose to leave. 

Dennis Russell, BOLD Coach

  1. My actions create constant money-making opportunities.
  2. I am creating the life I desire.
  3. Every day and every way I am getting better and better. 
  4. My positive thinking creates my positive success.
  5. I am grateful for the people I have in my life. 
  6. I am a person who follows my schedule.
  7. I am smart, powerful, and successful.
  8. I am BOLD.
  9. I am walking around in a state of gratitude.
  10. My life is full of incredible potential. 

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