Amanda Seales Claps Back After Being Accused of Hating Black Men

Amanda Seales is under fire once again by critics who aren’t feeling her questioning Will Smith’s casting as Venus and Serena Williams father in the upcoming King Richard biopic.

The Insecure star faced backlash this week after she was caught seemingly shading Smith’s casting as Richard Williams and the entire King Richard premise.

“Will Smith is playing Richard Williams????????????????????? Also, why is this film about Richard Williams????????????????????,” she wrote.

Her negative response came on the heels of the new film trailer that have the first look into Smith’s performance in the movie set to release on November 19. King Richard follows the real-life story of Richard Williams, a determined father who coached his daughters Venus and Serena Williams into becoming world tennis champions, Deadline reports.

But after getting dragged on Twitter and accused of hating Black men, Seales clapped back and doubled down on her shady criticism of Smith’s casting.

“I said what I wanna see. lol T y’all debatin??? I can have my opinion and you can Stan Will,” Seales said. “There is ZERO issue here other than the one y’all are making over some tone having a contrasting POV about A MOVIE!!!!!!???whew chile these innanets…”

Seales is no stranger to public scrutiny. Her outspoken nature on social media often has her feeling the brunt of cancel culture. In June, Seales was called out after she attempted to defend social justice activist Shaun King against Samiria Rice.

“It’s no secret that i have sideyed SK. However, bigger picture, nobody finds it somewhat odd that she’s just, out the blue, going out of her way, and being given EVERY platform, with no receipts shown, to “call out,” one by one, black activists/organizers that have been the visible faces of the movement? Just food for thought…”Seales said at the time.

But considering how King has since gotten canceled by the masses, Seales might want to tread lightly before offering her two cents next time around. But then again, this is Amanda Seales we’re talking about.

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