American Black Film Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Dynamic LGBTQ+ Films

This year’s American Black Film Festival (ABFF) has gone hybrid with a mix of virtual and in-person events and film screenings. Attendees are in-store for an impressive lineup of LGBTQ+ projects for the festival’s 25th anniversary. 

From stunning cultural documentaries to thought-provoking romantic dramas, the 2021 ABFF Pride lineup features a variety of films that “represent queer culture and reflect the LGBTQIA experience.”

Everyday Black Matter

“Back from remixing the DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR RVA archives, this film spins a fresh story about Black joy as practice, motivating audiences to lean into dreams of Black cultural production rooted in pleasure, self-love, and nuanced identities that defy containment.”


Homegoing, American Black Film Festival
(Homegoing/American Black Film Festival)

“A mortician’s son balances the expectations of working at his father’s funeral home and a night out with friends. When grief intrudes on his closest relationships, he must face the full circle of life, forcing him to see the world as it truly is.”

Into the Light: A Trip Through Baltimore Ballroom 

Into the Light: A Trip Through Baltimore Ballroom, American Black Film Festival
(Into the Light: A Trip Through Baltimore Ballroom/American Black Film Festival)

“The not so Cinderella story of LGBTQ Baltimore Ballroom dancers as they prepare to compete at the groundbreaking and inaugural Peabody Ball while facing real-life obstacles and dangers.”

Love Therapy

Love Therapy, American Black Film Festival
(Love Therapy/American Black Film Festival)

“A young, Black, gay millennial is at the intersection of a major crossroads in life, and only by reaching his breaking point does he find the many facets of therapy love can provide.”

parTy boi, black diamonds in ice castles

“‘parTy boi, black diamonds in ice castles’ is a raw and compassionate journey through the epidemic of crystal meth addiction in LGBTQ communities of color.”


Peace, American Black Film Festival
(Peace/American Black Film Festival)

“PEACE is a love story short film that dives into the complexities of a down-low queer relationship and really questions what it means to be at peace.”

Pink & Blue

“After a surprise first-time pregnancy, a Trans couple of color wrestles with how the new baby will affect their relationship and how to raise their child in a binary world.”

The Black Cop

The Black Cop, American Black Film Festival
(The Black Cop/American Black Film Festival)

“Docu-drama exploring one former police officer’s experience of being both victim and perpetrator of racism in the police force.”

Film-goers still have an opportunity to participate in the ABFF “worldwide digital experience,” which runs Nov. 3-28. To register and watch the festival for free, visit

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