Apex Legends Season 10 Trailer Shows Seer’s Abilities, New Weapon, Map Changes, And More


The end of Apex Legends Season 9 is in sight. So much so that the time has come for Respawn to start dropping a bevy of new cinematics to announce what exactly is coming next for the popular battle royale. The new legend joining the roster is Seer; we’ve seen his Raiden-inspired design, and we’ve heard his mystical backstory. Today, however, Season 10 got its most revealing trailer to date that showed Seer’s abilities, a brand new weapon, the incoming map changes, and some battle pass cosmetics. 

Officially titled Emergence, Season 10 is taking us to Worlds Edge once again. Parts of the map give way to large rivers of lava, meaning that there will be more environmental hazards to watch out for as you and your team make swift rotations. Of course, there are new laboratories that offer a lot of cover and precarious but fun zipline routes. Moreover, Seer finally made his in-game entrance. His ultimate casts a large holographic dome that reveals enemy locations in a large radius. And his passive allows him to spot enemy footsteps and movements through solid surfaces. In all honesty, he seems like a much better version of Bloodhound. Hopefully, our favorite felagi fighter isn’t sidelined until further notice. 

A new LMG, called Rampage, can be seen decimating squads throughout the trailer. Based on the footage, I’m not entirely sure what ammo type it’ll take – I’m hoping for light since that’s the only weapon tree that’s still missing a light machine gun. And was that a thermite that someone loaded into the gun?! In any case, the Rampage LMG can shoot down doors, so for any players that like to door block to pop off quick heals, you’d better start counting your blessings for the rest of Season 9. You can also get a brief look into new legendary skins for Valkyrie and Horizon; there will undoubtedly be more to unlock and equip when you purchase Emergence’s battle pass. 

Apex Legends Season 10 finally launches on August 3.

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