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Aron Himmelfarb extends brewery with Corten steel tasting room

Aron Himmelfarb, founder of design studio Auver, has created a tasting room with a glulam structure wrapped in Corten steel, which adjoins a craft brewery in Hudson Valley, New York.

Located on a 30-acre site just outside the village of Tivoli, the building was designed as a “destination tavern” for the Lasting Joy Brewery, where visitors can taste locally made drinks while enjoying the surrounding landscape.

Two-storey Corten steel tasting room at the Lasting Joy Brewery
Corten steel wraps the exterior

Himmelfarb was informed by the site’s natural landscape and traditional hospitality settings when designing the tasting room.

The building has a glulam structure with a series of crisscrossing beams that support the V-shaped butterfly roof.

Two-storey Corten steel tasting room at the Lasting Joy Brewery
The building has a V-shaped roof

The rectangular tasting room has glazed walls on three sides that provide views of the surrounding landscape.

Himmelfarb added Corten steel accents to reference rusted farm equipment, including strips of the material that wrap the top half of the building.

Large corten steel panels clad the exterior walls, which extend to frame into an outdoor seating area, as well as the exterior of the bathroom and storage space that connects the main tasting room with the shed-like brewery.

The building sits on a polished concrete floor slab and the seating is arranged around a central hexagonal bar with a green Danby marble bartop.

Interior tasting room with glulam structure and hexagonal bar
The glulam structure adds warmth to the interior

The interior walls and ceilings were covered in timber, completing the glulam structure and adding warmth to the space.

The tasting room was furnished with sofas, lounge chairs and wooden tables designed to encourage conversation, made by local carpenter Mark Bennet.

Two-storey Corten steel tasting room at the Lasting Joy Brewery
The brewery is located in New York’s Hudson Valley

Himmelfarb designed the building for Lasting Joy Brewery founders and husband-and-wife duo Alex and Emily Wenner, who wanted to “make the culture and experience around beer more inviting and inclusive”.

According to the Wenners, the light-filled building “defies every brewery stereotype”, which the duo describes as typically dimly lit spaces with industrial lighting and exposed brick features.

Himmelfarb founded his studio Auver in 2019 and is based in New York City.

Other breweries completed in the USA include a barn-style cidery in New York’s Catskill mountains and a Corten-clad microbrewery in Michigan.

The photography is by Erin Petschek. 

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