Best 2020 Cyber Monday Discounts on Natural Products

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Cyber Monday is a day when many online companies offer their best sales of the year. I’ve found some great deals this year and am stocking up on pantry essentials, supplements, and some other gifts for everyone on my list!

In fact, my Christmas shopping is almost done… now I just have to pull the Advent wreath out of the attic and put on some Christmas music! These sales can help you get some shopping done early, and you can support some great small businesses at the same time. (My full gift guide is here if you need more ideas!)

My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals on Natural Products

These are the products I’m stocking up on and ordering as gifts this year while they’re on sale…

Important: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate or referral links for companies that I love and personally use. If you choose to purchase anything, I receive a small commission that helps keep this site running! (So many thanks for your generosity to my family this season as well!) You can read my full affiliate disclosure here if you love fine print!

Please note that many of these sales will not be active until Monday morning.

Natural Mattress Sale!

A guide to organic and natural mattresses

This is the big one! Getting a natural mattress can be a significant investment and it isn’t often they go on sale. These mattresses are Greenguard Gold certified, GOLS and GOTS certified, and handcrafted in the USA. We ordered one when one of our littles moved up to a twin size bed and we’re loving it. These are their best prices of the year, with an extra bonus (details released that morning!) on top of the sale price!

Read my full review here.

Get the Deal: Use this link and code Holidays to save up to $225 off.


Best 2021 Cyber Monday Discounts on Natural Products

Olipop is a good-for-you soda (yes, really!) that I discovered years ago and that is now available nationwide. Here’s why I love it: It’s natural and packed with gut-healthy ingredients, but with better flavor than named brand sodas. Yet unlike regular soda which is packed with sugar, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners, it has only natural ingredients that leave your body feeling great. Their Orange Squeeze, for example, has 5 grams of sugar compared to an orange Fanta which has 44.

All of their products are non-GMO, vegan, paleo and keto-friendly, with less than eight grams of net carbs per can. They are so confident that you will love their products they offer 100% money back guarantee for orders placed through the website.

Get the Deal: Save 25% sitewide with the code DRINKUP25 at this link.

Toups & Co

Toups & Co

Finding a good make-up brand can be hard. Thankfully, I found Toups & Co and use several of their products when I don’t have time to make my own. It’s made in the USA with real ingredients and never use synthetic chemicals, GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors or artificial fragrances.

I like their Make-up primer as well as their foundation (so many options!) and mascara.

Shop the Deal: Use this link to shop the Cyber Monday sale.

Biostrap Sleep and Activity Tracker

Best 2021 Cyber Monday Discounts on Natural Products

I’ve mentioned how I like to track certain metrics to see how I react to new activities, diet changes, or lifestyle changes. The Biostrap allows me to track two very important components – sleep and activity.

Sleep is so important to our health and I love to be able to see my sleep score every morning when I wake up and be able to chart what impacts my quality and duration of sleep. The Biostrap app will also tell me what my HRV was, how my recovery is rated for the day and can map out how my sleep has performed the past week, month or year!

I also have their activity tracker and wear a band on my forearm during workouts that displays my heart rate during the entire workout. Afterwards, I can see additional metics and keep a log of all of my workouts.

Get the Deal: Save 20% with the code WMHOLIDAY15 – limited quantities today, so don’t wait!

Always Pan Skillet or Pot Sale

From Our Place Skillet

I was recently introduced to the Always pan and it replaces the need for so many other pans. It has a PTFE- and PFAS-free non-stick ceramic coating that is so easy to clean. It includes a nesting spatula and steamer basket, so you have everything you need to make anything you want.

Get the Deal:They are running an amazing sale this year and you can snag the Always Pan for $99 or their new Perfect Pot for $125.

Grass-Fed Meat and Wings!

Butcherbox Cyber Monday

Where we live, it can be tough to get quality meats locally and they are now astronomically expensive at stores. My solution- I’ve been ordering from ButcherBox for six years now and getting all of my produce locally.

ButcherBox offers delicious 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood.

From game-day parties and unexpected get-togethers to late-night snacks and last-minute dinners, there’s never a bad time for great wings. It starts with farmers who believe in doing things the right way and raising their chickens with care. It ends with you always being prepared to serve a plate of mouthwatering wings!

Grab the Deal: New members receive 3 lbs of organic chicken wings FREE in every ButcherBox for the lifetime of their membership.

Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered water pitchers are third-party tested to remove fluoride, lead, PFAS/PFOA (the “forever chemicals”) and over 230 unique contaminants commonly found in tap water all across the country. Made in the US and a great option if you don’t want to install a whole-house or under-counter filter.

I have used both their pitcher filter as well as the stainless steel 20oz tumblers. Fun fact – during one of our team retreats, our entire team used their tumblers for the weekend and love them.

Get the Deal: Save 20% off EVERYTHING with the code Cyber20.

Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks

One of my favorite brands for better brain health. These nootropics give a boost in being able to think clearly, remember more and learn new things.

What I love most about them is their transparency and their rigorous testing measures to ensure that you know exactly what is in your products. My go-to product of theirs is the Neurfuel as it helps me focus on busy days and when I need to be at my sharpest.

Get the Deal: Buy 1, Get 2 Free at this link

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines

A few years ago, I was ready to ditch wine for good because it was so hit-or-miss to find a good one, and I was tired of headaches and not feeling great after a glass or two. My research led me to Dry Farm Wines, a company that carefully sources and tests wines from all over the world to find high-quality, low-alcohol, sugar and additive-free wines.

I had an opportunity to visit Italy with the Dry Farm Wines team a couple years ago and was blown away by what I saw. These wines are so far beyond just organic or biodynamic. The growers carefully cultivate the soil microbiome around the grapes and protect the natural environment of the vines. They don’t spray any pesticides or herbicides (even “organic” or “natural” ones).

Since they dry farm (don’t irrigate) the grapes also naturally have less sugar and more polyphenols. The result is incredible natural wine that won’t give you a headache! It’s the only wine that I’ll drink now and they have an amazing sale for Cyber Monday!

Get the Deal: A rare chance to get a one time box at member pricing – grab yours to sample or for hostess gifts this holiday season!

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

My favorite olive oil at a discount! Kasandrinos is my favorite brand, sourcing their certified organic olive oil from single family farms and third party tests each batch. This family/veteran/woman owned company is the freshest oil I’ve ever tried and they only sell the current harvest.

Their olive oil is First Cold Pressed, which refers to the process by which the olive oil is extracted from the olive to create oil. First pressed means the olives were crushed and pressed once. Olives pressed more than once are considered lower quality, and do not qualify as extra virgin. Cold pressed means that no added heat is used when pressing the fruit for the oil. Keeping the olives cooler ensures maximum quality oil which is extra virgin.

Extra virgin olive oil contains the most nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins of any other classification of oil.

Get the Deal: Save 25% and use code NOV at this link

Real Plans

Screen Shot 2021 11 20 at 1.42.08 PM

One of my secret hacks for staying on-track, sane, and organized through the year (and busy holiday season!) is meal planning with Real Plans. Right now you can save 20% off your first month, quarter or year for the first time EVER this Cyber Monday by entering coupon code at checkout.

Fun Fact – Their recipe database includes some from me!

So what do you get when you sign up?

  • A personalized meal planner that’s easily adjusted to your dietary preferences or food sensitivities, likes and dislikes, number of people you feed, your budget, and more.
  • A smart shopping list that matches any changes you make to your plan so you buy only what you need and limit those annoying, time-wasting last-minute trips to the store.
  • A day-by-day timeline that helps you know what you need to do to make sure dinner gets to the table on time
  • Access to over 1,600 family-tested recipes (including mine!) that you can add to your meal plan with the click of a button.

Shop the Deal: Save 20% at this link with the code WMBF20

Pique Tea

Pique Tea

If you’re a tea drinker like I am, you’ll love the taste of these certified organic teas that have up to 12x the polyphenols of regular loose leaf tea. I also love that these teas are triple screened for pesticides, mycotoxins (mold), and heavy metals. I can easily pop them into a cup or water bottle to make super potent iced tea and get my digestive aid and antioxidants on-the-go.

Get the Deal: Save 20% on the Pique Tea collection with code BFCM20.

Zip Top Silicone Containers

Zip Top

I’ve spoken a lot about the dangers of plastic – both for our own health but also for the health of our planet. Our oceans and landfills are full of plastic bottles and plastic bags, yet we continue to purchase these for ease of use. That’s why I love brands like Zip Top where they have created safe and reusable replacements for the common plastic baggies and use food grade silicone & completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates.

Save 25% on their entire product line

Shop the Deal: Save 25% with free shipping with the code wellnessmama


The Best 2020 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

Throughout the year, I’m grateful for my ChiliPad, which lets me pick my sleep temperature. I notice a huge difference in sleep from this, and there’s a lot of research that backs it up! Deep sleep is activated by temperature and there is a very precise range for optimal sleep. Because bedroom air temperature varies, this is a (low-/no EMF) way to keep cool at night. Powered by water, it has 25 times more cooling efficiency than air, and is more energy efficient!

I wish I’d had this when I was pregnant, and I’m grateful for it every single night!

Shop the Deal: Save 30% at this link with the code Wellnessmama30 on all new Cube and OOLER sleep Systems

My Favorite (Safe) Whole-House Cleaner

Branch Basics

I never thought I’d say goodbye to my DIY cleaners, but several years ago I minimized my cleaning closet and now just use Branch Basics concentrate to make all of my cleaning sprays, laundry detergent, and even hand soap. (If you’re curious, I wrote a full post about why I chose it and how I use it.) Granted, DIY is cheaper, which is why I’ll be stocking up with their awesome Cyber Monday sale!

They are offering 20% off the Premium Starter Kit, Laundry Kit, Glass Bottle Starter Kit, the Travel Kit and Glass Bottle Kit. All starter kits will all come in a reusable Branch Basics tote and if you spend over $98, you will receive a FREE Branch Basics hat!

Don’t Miss It: Get 20% off ALL kits from November 26-November 29 using this link and the code WELLNESSMAMA.


Paleovalley BF

I often proclaim my love for Paleovalley beef sticks, which are the go-to snack for our family when we’re out or traveling. They are 100% grass-fed and as clean (and delicious) as it gets. They also contain naturally occurring probiotics since they use fermentation to make them shelf-stable instead of additives.

Get the Deal: Between now and December 3rd, receive 30% OFF your lifetime subscriptions at my link. Or 20% off for a one-time order. We love their beef sticks, Organ Complex, and Apple Cider Vinegar Complex!

Beekeeper’s Naturals

The Best 2018 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

This company makes a full line of bee-based health products, and it’s not just honey! I use their bee propolis throat spray to ward off a sore or scratchy throat. I also mix a spoonful of their sleep-inducing B.Chill hemp honey into a cup of tea at night.

Beekeeper’s also has a cough syrup that is free of chemicals, refined sugars, dyes, added flavors, gluten, soy, cheap fillers, or anything unnecessary. This is a clean and simple cough syrup that’s a great option if you’re not into making your own.

Get the Deal: Get 30-40% off Beekeeper’s Naturals this Cyber Monday.

Air Doctor

The Best 2020 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

Did you know that indoor air can be hundreds of times as polluted as outdoor air? Shocking, I know! I’m so thankful that I’ve found a solution that removes 99.97% of indoor allergens, neutralizes VOCs, pet dander, and much more. I have a few Air Doctor air filters in our house and have noticed a significant difference. One filter is just outside the kitchen area and I have noticed that if I’m doing some stovetop cooking and the kitchen begins to fill with scents, the air filter will automatically begin to filter at a higher speed.

They are offering the below sales through December 7th:
Buy AirDoctor 5000 – Receive 50% off AirDoctor 3000 (Total Savings: $754.5) + Free shipping ($49.95 value)
Buy an AirDoctor 5000 – Get 2 FREE Carbon/VOC filters (Total Savings: $425) + Free shipping ($39.9 value)
Buy an AirDoctor 3000 – Get a FREE Carbon/VOC filter (Total Savings: $340) + Free shipping ($39.9 value)

Shop the Deal: Use this link to shop my favorite air filter.

Just Thrive Probiotics

Just Thrive Probiotic

I found this company when searching for the most research-backed and effective probiotic available and I was blown away at the difference in their products! Their probiotic has been clinically studied to help with leaky gut and to survive up to 1,000 times as much as other probiotics. The difference is, their spore-based strains work completely differently than other types of probiotics.

Also, this probiotic is vegan, dairy free, histamine free, non-GMO, and is made without soy, dairy, sugar, salt, corn, tree nuts or gluten, so it’s safe for practically everyone.

Their K2 is the only pharmaceutical grade, all-natural supplement with published safety studies. They also have a new IgG supplement that has made a big difference in my husband’s gut health.

Get the Deal: Get 25% off with code WM25 at this link through November 30th.

Alitura Skincare

The Best 2018 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

Alitura uses organic botanicals and superfood ingredients to nourish the skin. This is serious skincare with the works: clay masks, intensive moisturizers, derma rollers, and more. I interviewed the founder of Alitura on the podcast, so check that out if you want to know more about this awesome company and natural ways to improve skin.

My favorite Alitura products? Definitely the Clay Mask and Gold Serum!

Get the Deal: Browse the whole line here and save today.

Still Making Your List?

Need more ideas for holiday gift giving? Check out my natural gift-giving guide here or my favorite stocking stuffers to give and get!

What are the best deals you scored online this Cyber Monday? Share below!

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