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Best Folio Cases for iPad Air 5 in 2022

Apple Smart Folio Colors for iPad Air 5 Source: Pocketnow

The iPad Air 5 is a great device to consume media or receive help while doing many tasks! You can use it to read news, watch TV shows, keep track of odd adventures undertaken by celebrities, or even work it into the kitchen — where it can serve as the perfect cookbook and teaching partner (it is also great for students). But for each of these usage scenarios, a case can go a long way in making the iPad easier to handle, and folio-style ones are the perfect type to consider. Thus, in this article, we have listed some of the best folio cases for iPad Air 5 to help make your case hunt a lot simpler!

PBI iPad Air 5th Gen

iPad Air (5th Generation)

iPad Air 5th Gen brings the highly rated M1 processor, 5G connectivity (for cellular models), Center Stage capability, and all-new colors. It starts at $599 for the 64GB WiFi-only model, with an upgrade to 256GB of internal storage available.

Best Folio Cases for iPad Air 5

Product Image for Apple Smart Folio iPad Air 5

Apple Smart Folio Case

Official Option

Apple Smart Folio Case provides basic protection for iPad Air and the ability to prop up the tablet at various angles. It is perfect for households where an iPad works as a media or gaming device and a cooking assist.

Product Image for NOMAD Modern Leather Folio

NOMAD Modern Leather Folio

NOMAD Modern Leather Folio uses Horween Leather, wrapped around an accessory with a protective TPE bumper and polycarbonate housing. The folio will keep your iPad safe from falls while allowing you to use its various kickstand modes for easy typing and media consumption.

Product Image of ESR Rebound for iPad Air 5

ESR Rebound

Apple Smart Folio Lookalike

The ESR Rebound case for iPad Air 5 is exactly like Apple’s first-party accessory, albeit it does have some different materials and is available in a lot more colors. It features two standing positions, is compatible with Apple Pencil (it also keeps it in place with a wraparound flap), and maintains the automatic sleep/wake functionality built into the iPad.

Product Image of Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro for iPad Air 5

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro

Rugged Folio

The Ultra Hybrid Pro brings the reliability of Spigen and its robust accessories to the iPad Air. This particular model incorporates the OEM’s popular Air Cushion Technology to create a product that instantly absorbs shocks from impactful falls. The folio component comes in handy to prop up the device for convenient viewing and is even available in multiple colors to match the iPad.

Product Image of UAG Lucent for iPad Air 5

UAG Lucent Case

Bumper Corners

The UAG Lucent Case continues the rugged folio line of accessories in this guide. It features a modern-looking design that combines a translucent cover with a pattern and a black folio element. There are also various raised edges around sensitive components — like the camera — to bring protection against scratches and uneven surfaces. The OEM describes it as a super-light accessory that meets the military drop-test standards.

Product Image of OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 for iPad Air 5

OTTERBOX Symmetry Series 360

The OTTERBOX Symmetry Series 360 is the folio case to get if you want robust bumpers that keep in line with the simple curves of an iPad and still offer protection from any possible falls. It has a microfiber lining on the inner flap to keep the iPad screen free from streaking and settling of dust.

Product Image of Zugu Case for iPad Air 5


Rugged & Multi-angle

The ZUGU Case for iPad Air 5 introduces the ability to position the tablet in eight different angular positions to find the one perfect for each situation. Glare can be an enemy when working in various environments, and the freedom afforded by such a case can be immense for many. Alongside this feature, the case also offers five-foot drop protection.

Product Image of SaharaCase Multi-Angle Case for iPad Air 5

Sahara Multi-Angle Case


The Sahara Multi-Angle Case, unlike the previously listed Zugu Case, offers a lesser number of configurable angles but comes with a simpler design that’s more pleasing to the eye if you’re not one for rugged accessories. The outer casing is made with PU Leather, that’s available in two colors, Blue and Grey.

Product Image of Targus VersaVu for iPad Air 5

Targus VersaVu

Easy Positioning and Rotation

The Targus VersaVu brings military-grade protection with a custom-molded tray that will allow you to carry your iPad around without any worry. A simple flip of your tablet will let you change the orientation of the accessory into one that is comfortable for the usage scenario you have in mind.

Product Image of Speck Presidio Pro Folio for iPad Air 5

Speck Presidio Pro Folio

Antimicrobial Properties

The Speck Presidio Pro Folio for iPad Air 5 brings a layer of shock-absorbing material that provides a durable yet sleek case that adds six-feet drop protection, providing peace of mind if there’s ever an accident. The accessory features a unique magnetic camera cover that can be used when desired and pulled off when you need to click pictures with an iPad.

Product Image of Speck Balance Folio for iPad Air 5

Speck Balance Folio Case

Latch Closure System

The Speck Balance Folio Case for iPad Air 5 is the perfect protection case to get if you wish to buy a premium product that doesn’t hurt your wallet as much. It features a multi-angle capability and a magnetic camera shield similar to the one on Presidio Pro. The case is even compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil.

Which Folio Case should you buy for iPad Air 5?

Now, if you have reached the end of this list and still haven’t been able to pick out the perfect folio case for your iPad Air 5, here are some of our suggestions on the options listed above.

If you’re looking for a case that keeps your iPad’s shape true to its intended image, in that case, ESR Rebound and Apple’s Smart Folio are the perfect accessories to consider. Here, the ESR Rebound does not use the same materials as the pricey Smart Folio, but the price charged for it feels fair, and the accessory is one of the most well-built products on the market.

I’m currently using a similar folio case with iPads (iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Air 4) within my household, and these tend to hold up very well for a year, after which they may start to show signs of wear, possibly calling for a replacement.

Lastly, if you wish to upgrade your folio game and shift to more premium materials, NOMAD’s Modern Leather Folio should be your go-to option. And in case you know any other brand popular for its leather cases, let us know with your comments below.

Having put the slimmer folio cases out of the way, if you want an accessory that adds unparalleled protection against fall damage, the OTTERBOX Symmetry is our favorite option because of its larger front flap, simple design, and promise of military-standard protection. The Targus VersaVu or ZUGU Case are great alternatives to this case, in our opinion.

This marks the end of our iPad Air 5 Folio Case Guide. What did you think of this collection, and if you know some accessories that would be perfect for this list, let us know with your comments below!

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