BGMI Is Officially Back in India: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has made its official comeback in India, bringing immense joy to players across the country. After announcing its return, BGMI became downloadable and installable from the Google Play Store on May 27th. The servers are now active, allowing players to immerse themselves in thrilling gameplay once again.

BGMI, currently not accessible on the App Store, is expected to become available at noon according to reports.

BGMI Is Officially Back in India

BGMI: What’s New?

As part of the BGMI relaunch in India, loyal fans will receive four free and permanent reward outfits as a special treat from Krafton, the game developer. These outfits are a token of appreciation for the patience and support shown by the Indian gaming community during the hiatus. Players can now adorn their characters with these stylish outfits and stand out on the battleground.

One of the most exciting additions in the relaunched BGMI is the introduction of a brand-new map called “Nusa.” This tropical paradise is a thrilling setting for intense battles. Exploring the lush landscapes of Nusa, players will come across abundant supplies, elevators that provide strategic advantages, burning huts offering unique tactical opportunities, and zip lines for swift movements across the map. The Nusa map introduces new weapons and vehicles, including the Tactical Crossbow, NS2000 Shotgun, and the Quad, a stable 2-seater vehicle perfect for traversing the treacherous terrains of the battleground.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, BGMI introduces a new feature called “Super Recall.” This feature comes to the aid of players who face quick deaths on the battlefield. With Super Recall, players in single and duo modes can quickly return to the battleground after being eliminated, providing them with a second chance to turn the tide of battle and achieve victory.

In-Game Events and Restrictions

Similar to before, BGMI includes in-game events for players to enjoy. Krafton has implemented playtime restrictions, allowing users under 18 to play for a maximum of three hours daily, while everyone else has a limit of six hours. Additionally, BGMI offers parental controls and spending limits to ensure a safe gaming experience for minors.

Specific Requirements and Regulations

In accordance with the directives of the Indian government, BGMI must comply with specific requirements and regulations. These regulations include restrictions on playtime, the exclusion of the red color option for blood effects, and no modifications to the game server. Krafton, the developer of BGMI, has been given a three-month period to implement these regulations and ensure full compliance.

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