Cantu Teams Up With Gyrl Wonder to Support Black and Latina Young Women



Sometimes Black and brown girls fall through the cracks of society, due to lack of mentorship and personal direction.

The hair care brand, Cantu Beauty is supporting Black and Latina young women by partnering with a nonprofit called Gyrl Wonder to attempt giving them a preventative start. The collective goal is to foster healthy minds, self-assurance and the ability to bounce back while the next generation transitions to enter individual and career journeys, according to a press release.

Resources, events and programming will support the women of color who are driven to improve themselves. Gyrl Wonder has already been empowering girls from ages of 17 – 22 through them to grow professionally and personally, in preparation of their entry in the work world.

The nonprofit pulls from other resources such as Cantu Beauty’s  to help girls to maximize their potential.

“Women of color deserve to be championed,” Dametria Mustin, Vice President of Global Marketing at Cantu Beauty said in a press release. “Cantu Beauty is excited to work with Gyrl Wonder to empower young women’s self-esteem, confidence and equip them with skills to not only navigate the competitive workforce, but also set the tone early that emotional wellness and work-life balance is also a key ingredient to success.”

An Instagram conversation geared toward Gyrl Wonder’s participants marked the first program activity. It was held between Tola Lawal— who is Gyrl Wonder’s founder—and Cantu Beauty’s global communications and beauty head, Melissa Carnegie.



Cantu Beauty will share programming by hosting virtual workshops during National Wellness. Over 100 participating will attend an Emotional Wellness Summit this fall. Cantu Beauty will also provide proceeds to Gyrl Wonder for programming, after providing “an in-store point-of-purchase display at select Walmart stores nationwide,” the announcement said.

Gyrl Wonder shared partnership news on Instagram.


We’re excited to announce our newest brand partnership with @cantubeauty!

We’re teaming up with @cantubeauty to shape the next generation of gyrl leaders by helping young women of color build resilience, self-confidence and mental wellness as they embark on the next phase of their personal and professional journeys.

Cantu Beauty believes in elevating our communities holistically. Our young women are the future, and each generation should run faster than the previous. Cantu Beauty strives to make a positive difference in Gyrl Wonder’s mentees’ mind, body and soul,” @gyrlwonder’s Instagram post partially said.




Click here to find out more about Gyrl Wonder.


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