Digital Foundry Weighs In With First Impressions Of Crysis 3 On Switch

Crysis 3 Keyart
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Following on from the recent announcement that the Crysis Remastered Trilogy is making its way to Switch this Autumn, Digital Foundry has gone hands-on with the third entry in the series to take a look at just how the upcoming port holds up on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

We’ve certainly got high hopes for both sequels after the top-notch job Saber Interactive did in porting the excellent Crysis Remastered last year and, judging by what Digital Foundry has to say about its experiences so far, things are indeed looking good for the trilogy’s full release later this year.

According to Richard Leadbetter over at Eurogamer, things are shaping up very nicely for the Switch port of Crysis 3, revealing that a lot of the magic that Saber Interactive are able to achieve with these ports comes down to the adaptability of the original game’s engine:

There are a couple of good reasons why Crysis 3 Remastered runs well on Switch and that starts with the scalability of the original game. Yes, Crytek’s 2013 game is monstrously demanding at its highest settings, but knock back the quality presets and it turns out to be far more manageable on a wider range of kit – and let’s not forget that there was a rendition of the game that ran on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Yes, it didn’t run particularly well, but a foundation was there – and in actual fact, the Switch version is scaled up from those last, last-gen versions of the game.

Saber Interactive also get a shout out here, with Leadbetter pointing out that a lot of the success with this version of the game is, of course, down to the very skilled maestros behind last year’s top-notch Crysis port and the stellar Switch version of The Witcher 3.

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