DokeV’s New Trailer Shows off Explosively Colorful Gameplay


Pearl Abyss, the South Korea-based studio behind the MMORPG Black Desert Online, is working on a monster-collecting MMO game called DokeV, and it looks wild. Today’s gameplay trailer was an exclusive first look for Gamescom Opening Night Live, and though it did show off the world and characters, there are still plenty of questions remaining about what the moment-to-moment action in DokeV will look like in practice.

Similar to Pokémon, the game will be about gathering up adorable creatures around the world, called Dokebi. These creatures are all about dreams. Dokebi motivate the people around them to believe in their dreams and the creatures then gain strength from those powered-up passions. If today’s gameplay trailer is anything to go off of, DokeV is unleashing those creative desires in a way that will make the open-world feel like a hectic kaleidoscope of imagination.

The trailer, backed up by a catchy, upbeat tune, was a shot of energy coming after a few darker trailers in Gamecom’s Opening Night Live. Starting relatively low-key, the trailer showed a collection of young characters walking around a graphically impressive cityscape. The sunny streets will be crowded, presumably, by a multitude of other players when the MMORPG launches. The trailer then shifted into high gear, bursting with vibrant powers, fantastic scenes, and colorful explosions. There will be plenty of options for traversal, with the video portraying characters riding skateboards, rollerblades, little cars, and, at one point, a llama. These will help to get around DokeV’s large sandbox with several different locations. The trailer showcased a variety of urban locations alongside some areas more off the beaten track. The Dokebi also got some air time. The creatures take a wide range of shapes from large, pink anteaters to short, animated pineapples. You can see this and all the eye-popping gameplay in the trailer above. 

DokeV’s new gameplay wasn’t the only fun piece of news to come out of today’s event. Be sure to check out our watch-along to see everything along with commentary from the Game Informer crew. 

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