Don’t Renege! Five Black-Owned Games That Will Keep the Competitive Family Members Happy

It’s no secret that playing Spades or Bid Whist in the Black community or Craps can cause an uproar among family members. Family game night can get real, REAL and it’s something Black folks take quite seriously, while also having fun and gathering with loved ones. So we’ve made it easy for you and compiled a list of Black-owned games that will certainly start a fuss while keeping the party hopping.

1. Urban Trivia Game – Black Trivia Card Game for The Culture! 

Urban Trivia

Urban Trivia Game – Black Trivia Card Game for the Culture! Fun Trivia on Black Culture, TV, Movies, Music, Sports, & Growing Up Black! Great Trivia for Adult Game Nights and Family Gatherings. This Trivia Game Can Be Played Individually Or Up To 4 Teams.

2. Black Legends (KultureGames)

Black Legends

KultureGames is an African-Owned business registered in California. The playing cards are customized to celebrate Black Legends across 6 continents. Each deck contains 54 standard playing cards; 20 illustrated story cards, 32 Black History cards, and 2 illustrated Jokers. 10% of net proceeds from this game will go toward educational and community development initiatives in underserved Black communities.

3. Black Love Cards 100 Conversation Starters 

Black Love Conversation Starters

Enjoy Date Night In A Completely New Way – The Black Love Card Game Is A Conversation Starter. Perfect Way To Get To Know Someone In A New Relationship Or To Reconnect.  It’s Good To Take The Time To Get To Know Your Partner On A Personal Level.

4. Damn Gina Adult Drinking Trivia Party Card Game from The Iconic 90’s Black Tv Show

Damn Gina

An instant party classic! This Black adult party card game features questions from one of Black Tv’s Best. In the pack, you’ll find trivia questions from the homies Pam, Gina, Tommy, Cole and Martin.

5. Black Card Revoked 5 – Original Flavor

Black Card Revoked

Black Card Revoked was developed to engage players with fun trivia about Black pop culture and history. The game has garnered attention from all over the country, making its way into Target and attracting support from the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, and many more. The game has also turned into the first Black culture game show on BET, called “Black Card Revoked.”

What’s your favorite Black-owned game? Let us know!

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