Dress Your Blog for Success

by Steven Snell


Have you ever heard the saying, “You should dress for the job you want, not for the one you have?” Obviously the point of this familiar line is that you need to prepare yourself and present yourself for the future that you want.

In a way, this saying should apply to your blog as well. Of course we’re not talking about a suit and tie, but rather the appearance of your blog that visitors are presented with the moment they arrive. This first impression can help readers to see you as the successful blogger you aim to be, or it can set you back if they see an unattractive look.

Dressing appropriately for a job shows that you are aware of your appearance, that you take your job seriously, and that you’re intending to go places. If you were starting a new job and your goal was to eventually be an executive of the company, you wouldn’t show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt. In order for others to see you for who you want to be, you have to present yourself as if you’re already there.

Go with the Flow: The Top Blogs

Take a look at some of the top blogs in your niche, and then look at some that get very little traffic and have few readers. You’re almost guaranteed to see some major differences. Sure, the more successful blogs may be able to spend more money on their appearance, but that’s not likely to be the most significant difference. In fact, with all of the blog themes available and resources for learning how to customize your own blog theme, money really doesn’t need to be a factor.

Now, take an objective look at your own blog. Does its appearance belong in the category of a successful blog or an unsuccessful blog?

If you could improve the appearance how would it affect your level of success? Obviously, blog success is far more dependent on content than on design and appearance, but the visitor’s first impression is more likely to be based on the attractiveness of your blog. Just like your ability to perform a job is determined by other factors than your appearance, but a sloppy presentation will kill your chances.

If your goal is to be among the top blogs in your niche, looking like you belong is a great start. Visitors are likely to immediately classify you according to your look. Yes, you can overcome a bad first impression with great content, but why not take advantage of the first impression? An attractive, professional-looking blog design will give you the look of a blog that’s on its way to success, and visitors are more likely to want to be a part of that.

The top blogs almost always have a very clean, professional look. The design of the blog should enhance the content, not distract the visitor’s attention away from it. Even the advertisements on successful blogs are chosen and placed strategically.

Free themes with no customization are rarely used by top tier blogs. Having a unique look is crucial to standing out to new visitors. The design doesn’t need to jump out and grab visitors; in fact, most good blog designs are subtly stylish. But it helps if your visitors are not seeing hundreds of other blogs with the same theme.

If a visitor arrives at a new blog for the first time and their initial impression is “amateur,” that blogger will have a hard time convincing the visitor that the blog itself is high quality.

So, what factors can help a blogger to create a great first impression? As most of us know by now, flashy ads that distract attention are an unwelcome sight for most readers. Harsh color combinations are also rarely used by successful blogs. Choose your ads and color combinations wisely when choosing a design.

Images and Theme Customization

Images can also be important, although many blogs don’t even need the use of photos to accomplish a good look. If you’re looking for free stock photos, try stock.xchng, FreePhotosBank, or There are also a number of places to get very affordable, quality stock photos including Stock Xpert, iStockPhoto, and Big Stock Photo.

If you’re using a free theme (particularly WordPress users), try learning about themes from the WordPress Codex and forums. You’ll find plenty of information and help for making changes to a free theme. In many cases even small changes will help to make your blog more distinct.

If you’re not interested in doing the coding yourself, you may be able to find help for less money than you may expect by checking places like Craigslist and Elance. These services may cost you a little bit now, but how much will a new look help you in your journey to being a more successful blogger?

Take a look at your blog and see how you might be able to “dress it” for the level of success that you want to achieve. Focus on providing a clean look that that tells your readers you’re serious about your appearance and you’re ready to take your blog to the next level.

Not just anyone can be an executive at a large company. Likewise, not just anyone can be a successful blogger in a crowded market. Give yourself the appearance of success and you’ll be one step closer to achieving it.

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