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Ecovac’s self-cleaning mop and vacuum robot


Promotion: global robotics technology brand Ecovacs is launching a new robot cleaning device that is designed to vacuum and mop the home at once.

Deebot T20 Omni is the latest robot cleaner from the brand’s lineup of robots, and is described as “the Tesla of robot cleaners”. It intelligently detects the difference between carpets and hard floors, and lifts its mop for a “seamless tradition across all floor types”.

While other robot mops have heads that rock back and forth, the T20 Omni features what Ecovacs refers to as an Ozmo Turbo 2.0 pressurised mopping system, rotating 180 times every minute to clean floors more effectively.

The device washes its mops with hot water set to 55 degrees, which Ecovac says is an industry-first to more effectively remove oil and dirt, and improve the potency of the cleaning solution for a better clean.

Ecovac's robotic cleaner on hard floor
Technology brand Ecovacs has released a new robotic cleaning device

Its “powerful and market-leading” vacuum component includes a rubber brush design with spiralling blades and 6000Pa suction power that captures debris and dust from carpets and hard floors while avoiding hair tangles.

Deebot users can “set-it-and-forget-it” with T20 Omni, or use Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and its own Ecovacs app to operate the robot.

With the new mop-lifting technology, users can choose between different cleaning modes for vacuum-only cleaning, mop-only cleaning, vacuuming while mopping, or vacuuming first before mopping with “no manual intervention needed”.

Ecovac's robotic cleaner on hard floor
The device simultaneously vacuums and mops around the home, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning devices

Deebot T20 Omni recognises carpets, automatically transitioning from hard floor to soft carpeting by lifting the mopping plates and pausing their rotation while simultaneously increasing suction power. When the mop isn’t in use, it is lifted up so it won’t drag its wet pads across carpets.

According to Ecovac, there are only a few robot cleaners on the market that have this latest technology and none of them lifts their mops as high as Deebot, making T20 Omni an optimal robot cleaner for households with multiple surface types.

T20 Omni also uses TrueMapping 2.0 – a LiDAR-based technology seen in self-driving cars – to map the home and generate efficient cleaning paths. This technology delivers twice the range of other robots that use traditional laser-based mapping and is four times as accurate.

In addition, a 3D-imaging system called TrueDetect 3D helps the robot avoid household objects like toys, keys and wires with ten times the accuracy of traditional infrared cleaners, even in dark environments, according to the brand.

The device vacuums and mops throughout the home
The device vacuums and mops throughout the home

Ecovacs also reported that this latest model is maintenance-free for months at a time, due to its ability to wash and dry its own mop heads with warm air, empty the dust bin and replace dirty water with a clean substitute.

When not used, the robot docks into its Omni station, which has a built-in hot air dryer specifically designed for mopping pads. This ensures that the mopping pads are thoroughly dried, maintaining their quality and cleanliness for the next use and preventing bacteria growth and bad odours before they form.

The fully sealed style design of the Omni station auto-empties and stores dust and allergens for more than 60 days, providing months of maintenance-free cleaning.

To learn more about the new release and all Ecovacs robots, visit its website.

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