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First nights after the move: how to overcome chaos?


It is necessary to be realistic: it is difficult to organize the whole house on the first day of the move. Knowing how to spend a few hours with boxes and adapting the routine is essential to avoid stress.

The days following the change are not usually easy. There is a lot of work to be done, the furniture needs to be assembled, there are a multitude of boxes to be opened and objects to be kept in place. Not to mention the anxiety of starting a stage in a new home and with new neighbors. It is necessary to get used to it gradually and organize the house without haste, to avoid unnecessary stressful moments.

However, to facilitate the first hours in the new home, it is necessary that the organization still starts in the current home, with small details that, certainly, will make all the difference later.

Organizing the move in the current house

The first tip is store the objects in each room in separate boxes and label them describing its content. This will make it much easier to find and store the objects in the new house.

You will hardly have everything organized on the first day after the move. To avoid the frantic search for clothes and objects in the different boxes, the ideal is to assemble survival kits for the first three days. Separate clothes, hygiene items and objects that will be used these days. The same must be done with kitchen utensils. Thus, the other boxes can be opened quietly little by little. Remember to keep personal and important documents at hand.

Cleaning and maintenance of the new house

Before moving, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning in the new house, thinking that it will be more difficult to clean rooms full of boxes and furniture. It is also recommended to check if any renovation is necessary and if the power points work. Nothing worse than spending the first few hours without electricity or water for problems that could be solved in advance.


Post-change organization: where to start?

When the furniture and boxes arrive at the new house, try to leave everything in one room, preferably in one that will not be used for the first few days. The idea is to leave the rooms free for the assembly of the furniture to start in these environments. The sooner the beds are assembled, the better. If you don’t have time to do this for the first night, sleeping on the mattress on the floor may be an alternative.

Locate the boxes with the survival kits and leave them in an accessible place. There are the basic items needed for the next few hours. When the furniture is being assembled, the other boxes can be opened and the objects stored calmly.

It is important that the routine is resumed gradually, without generating stress. And that includes preparing meals. On the first nights, prefer dishes that don’t require a lot of elaboration, since the kitchen is not yet organized. The suggestion is salads, natural sandwiches and dishes that can be prepared quickly in the microwave. Soon, you will have time to open the kitchen properly and even prepare special food to welcome friends into the new home.

The first post-move nights can be smooth, just get organized in advance and don’t be in a hurry to order all items. Now that you know how to face chaos without stress, click here and find a specialized company to make your move.

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