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Fortnite Chapter 3 Fracture Finale Event; What is it And How to Play?

As we are approaching the end of this year, several online games such as Fornite are reaching the end of their chapters. If you are a Fortnite player, it’s time to get ready for Fracture, the Chapter 3 finale event. In a recent blog post by Epic Games, it let players and content creators what to expect and how to get ready for it.

Last week, Epic Games announced that Fornite Chapter 3 will come to an end a year earlier as compared to the last two. This announcement was made during the Fornite Championship Series Invitational tournament. It came up with a teaser card and very little information about the finale event. The only information that is known is that the final event will be launched on December 3.

That said, here are some additional details on how it will go forward.

What is Fortnite Fracture Event?

The Fornite Fracture event will debut at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT on December 3, 2022. The playlist will be open for 30 minutes ahead of the event so that you can jump into the game pretty early to reserve a spot. If you log into the event late, then you will be able to join it until 4:40 PM ET and not any longer. Usually, such events last 12 to 15 minutes, and a 40-minute grace period suggests that the event will be held for longer than the previous events.

Post the 40-minute period, the servers will be offline until the next season. This is a one-of-a-kind event, which will let you record what’s happening if you are a content creator or a Fortnite fan.

How to Play Fracture Event?

If you want to play the Fornite Fracture event with a group, then the event supports squads of up to four people. You have to queue for the event together as soon as possible. If you are playing alone, then you will be able to use an Emote specially created for the event. What’s more, you can play the Fracture event via the cloud on PC or mobile, thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

How to Prepare for Fracture Event?

Notably, the Fornite Fracture event is just a few days away and there is ample time to prepare for the same. Firstly, you need to unlock each time you want out of Chapter 3, Season 4 Battle Pass, which includes any stylish skins such as Meow Skulls, Spider-Gwen, Spectral, Celestial, and Lennox Rose, among others.

You can also grab rewards unlocked via Quests such as The Herald skin and accessories. Once the season ends, any leftover Battle Stars you have will unlock the first rewards that are available in the Battle Pass for the upcoming season. You can complete every quest in Ayida’s Level Up Quest Pack so that you can unlock the items that are bundled, such as Ayida Style and Ayida skin. Notably, these quests will expire on December 2.

There are two weekly events – the first one is the Avian Ambush Week starting on November 29 and the second one is the Bargain Bin starting the same day and running through December 3. There will be huge discounts for character items and other services to let you save your gold bars.

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