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Four Powerful Objection Handlers, Straight from the Mega Camp 2021 Stage


During what was arguably the most high-energy installment yet in the ‘Clash of the Closers’ gameshow saga, head of industry and emcee extraordinaire Jason Abrams led a selection of Keller Williams sharpshooters on the road to dethroning reigning champion Cody Gibson in the art of the objection handler. Spoiler alert: The session left audiences on a cliffhanger, promising to crown a winner during the Connect Live final taking place on September 13 at 3 p.m. CT. So far, we know that Gibson has been knocked out of the lead by KW MAPS leadership coach and KW Realty Preferred team leader Elizabeth Raines. 

In this session, agents moved quicker than ever, addressing client concerns swiftly and honestly. Here are the most powerful conversations to have on hand and implement in your own business as client questions arise.


I want to buy something, but I can’t afford anything that doesn’t need work, and even if I did buy, I can’t afford the contractors needed to do the work.

Elizabeth Raines, KW Realty Preferred

This is exactly why we need to meet. There are a ton of loan products out there that will allow you to roll in your home improvement cost in your mortgage payment. And, on top of that, we have partnered with great contractors and investors who have other homeownership paths for you. We need to meet right away. What time works best for you this afternoon? 

Selling my house does not feel safe with the delta variant going around.

Toni Zarghami, KW Sarasota/Siesta Key

Agent: I understand that completely. Tell me, what are you most worried about with the delta variant?

Seller: *answers*

Agent: Right? It’s a big deal right now. I hear you. The cool thing about partnering with our group is that we’ve been going through this for the last 18 months, and our models and systems have changed to accommodate that. So, depending on what you’re most comfortable with, we can have a small block of showing windows where everyone is in and out at the same time. What we’re also offering to all our sellers is, after we do that showing block, we’ll have a professional cleaner come and clean the house for you at our expense. Do you think that would make you feel a little bit more comfortable?

Seller: *answers*

Agent: That’s wonderful. Is there anything else we can do to make you feel more comfortable? We do everything, but I want to know so that we can accommodate that for you. 

I’ve been looking for a house, but I feel like the market is bound to crash. I think I’m going to wait before I buy. 

Matt Sargent, KW Nashville – Mt. Juliet 

Agent: ______, what scares you the most about the market?

Buyer: *responds*

Agent: I can totally understand that. Here’s what we know: We know interest rates are at a historical low, so you’re getting that. We also know historically, home values have gone up. There’ve been some bumps in the road, but overall they’ve gone up from point A to point B. So, I hope you take advantage of those low interest rates, and go ahead and get you that house now. 

This is a seller’s market, so you should reduce your commission because my house will be easy to sell. 

Elizabeth Raines, KW Realty Preferred

You know, ________, it might surprise you to hear that during a seller’s market, the real estate transactions also become very complex, because with multiple offers, terms, financing contingencies, it’s actually never been more important to have a fiduciary and a professional in your corner. This is your most important asset, and you want to make sure that you net the most out of it. So, are you ready to get started today? 

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