Frequency VS Cores. Which is more important?

When we choose which processor to buy for our PC, it is common to encounter the question: Higher frequency or more cores?
And this is a very common question, there are so many numbers and information that only studying to be able to decide which product to choose.

Let’s make an analogy to simplify the understanding.
Imagine that your PC is a car and the processor is the engine.
A “motor” with more cores is ideal for heavy loads, hard work. Ex: Ryzen 7 2700X

A “motor” with a high frequency is ideal for sports or racing cars, tasks that require greater agility. Ex: i5 9600K

And a “motor” with a high frequency and many cores, is for all kinds of tasks, as if you put a small wheel in a Ferrari. 😂 Ex: i9 – 9900K

When is it better to have more cores?

There are tasks that benefit too much from the amount of cores, which will use 100% of your processor. Ex: 3D and video rendering, music production software and tasks that need to run several software at the same time, such as livestreams.

When is it better to have high frequency?

In general, games tend to perform better when you have a high frequency per core. In the last 2-3 years this has changed a bit and things are more balanced, great titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and FarCry 5 that benefit from the combination of the two factors, high clock and many cores. But if you want to prioritize maximum performance in your gameplay, look for a processor that operates at a high frequency.

BUT! Make no mistake, even the 3rd generation Ryzen processors having a relatively low clock compared to the Intel K line, they perform very well in games, getting very close to their competitors, and in some cases having an above performance.
So the main tip is: Seek knowledge.

Watch and read comparisons between the products you are in doubt, like the one we did with the cream of mainstream processors 😊

Which one is the best?

It is necessary to analyze your situation, and from there arrive at the answer. The ideal is to find the balance, it is no use having a processor full of cores, without them performing well, and the same goes for the reverse.
With these factors in mind, it is easier to choose your processor, do your research before you buy, and take advantage of the generation change that results in a big drop in prices on products from previous generations.

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