Fuuraiki 4, The Charming ‘Holiday’ Experience On Switch, Is Getting DLC

Heisenji Hakusan Shrine (Fukui)
Heisenji Hakusan Shrine (Fukui) (Image: Nippon Ichi Software)

We recently shared our latest ‘Matters of Import’ feature focusing on Fuuraiki 4, a game in which you travel around the Gifu region of Japan during the summer. It’s an extremely charming, relaxing experience, albeit one that currently requires a purchase of the Japan-only version.

If you do plan to import the physical version or get some Japanese eShop credit, however, the good news is that the game will soon have even more areas to explore. Nippon Ichi Software has confirmed a few DLC offerings are on their way; these will open up prefectures ‘adjacent’ to the Gifu region, in theory opening up a decent extra portion of Japan (via Gematsu).

Each DLC offering will have two new areas – “Shizuoka and Nagano,” “Toyama and Ishikawa,” “Fukui and Shiga,” and “Mie and Aichi.” Some examples of new scenes included in the DLC are below.

Hakusan Observation Deck (Ishikawa)
Hakusan Observation Deck (Ishikawa) (Image: Nippon Ichi Software)
Yamaha Motor Company (Shizuoka)
Yamaha Motor Company (Shizuoka) (Image: Nippon Ichi Software)
Nagara River Estuary Weir (Mie)
Nagara River Estuary Weir (Mie) (Image: Nippon Ichi Software)

If you’re planning to try and import Fuuraiki 4, or wait and hope for localisation, let us know in the comments!

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