Get A Primer On Cryptocurrency For Only $15 This Labor Day Weekend


People are understandably scared of cryptocurrency. Even if the concept of digital coins has already entered mainstream consciousness (everyone knows Bitcoin at this point), there are still many who haven’t dared to dip their toes into investing due to how new it is. Throw in the fact that the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are also extremely volatile, even the most aggressive investors feel hesitation.

If you’re on the fence about crypto but still want to try your hand at investing, the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle offers an excellent primer. For only $15, it will guide you through making your first crypto investment and equip you with tips on how to make smarter investing decisions after. 

Comprised of 10 courses taught by experienced investors and top-rated online instructors, this bundle comes packed with lessons on how to take advantage of this new financial opportunity. It starts with giving you an in-depth explanation of how cryptocurrency works and how to execute micro-trades so you can immediately get some experience and practice. You’ll then dive into learning how to make a profit with mining cryptocurrencies, as well as learn other facets of blockchain, like smart contracts and digital tokens. 

Beyond Bitcoin, the course collection also exposes you to Ethereum and everything there is to know about earning money with the coin. There’s a course centered on Steemit, too. To the uninitiated, it’s basically a social media and blogging platform that pays you for posting content. You can expect to learn how to earn rewards in this cryptocurrency without shelling out any money, along with how to promote posts, curate content, maximize rewards, and more. 

Explore the lucrative world of crypto with the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle. It normally goes for $479, but it’s on sale at $15 for only a few days during our Labor Day sale.

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