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Google To Unlock Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth

Google Stadia, an ambitious cloud gaming platform will be shuttered soon. However, the premium controllers that were once locked into the Stadia ecosystem, would be unlocked. These controllers will soon be able to be synced with other gaming consoles and even PCs, which means they won’t have to be discarded, dumped, or returned to Google. Let’s see how Google will turn the Stadia controller into a premium device- and platform-agnostic gamepad.

Google To Unlock Stadia Controllers After Shutting Down The Cloud Gaming Platform

Google Stadia is shutting down. The cloud gaming platform promised to deliver a complete package, which included hardware to stream and play games that are remotely hosted on Google’s servers. Although the search giant will shutter the Stadia platform next week on January 18, 2023, the premium Stadia controllers would still be usable with other services, devices, and platforms Google has confirmed.

Google has been refunding all game and hardware purchases after announcing it was shuttering Stadia. Needless to mention, this is a responsible move from the tech giant. However, the ever-growing gaming community had requested Google to unlock the Stadia controller from the platform. It appears Google has listened.

How Will Google Unlock The Stadia Controller?

In a community update, Google stated, “Many of you have expressed the desire to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia controller. We have some good news: next week we’ll be releasing a self-serve tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia Controller. We’ll share details next week on how to enable this feature.”

As the statement indicates, Google will release a system update that will untether the Stadia controller with the service. After installing the update, the controller will become a Google-branded, but generic, third-party accessory that could be synced with other mobile devices and consoles.

The Stadia controller has a Bluetooth module, which was locked and allowed to sync only with Stadia hardware. Through an OTA (Over The Air), Google is expected to unlock the Bluetooth module, which would then be able to sync with any device that accepts a Bluetooth controller.

Google decided to shut down Stadia because it, “hasn’t gained the traction with users,” stated Phil Harrison, Stadia’s VP and GM. Simply put, Google could be cutting its losses as it wasn’t able to convince a large number of gamers to use the service and pay for a subscription regularly.

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