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GTA Movie Starring Eminem Was Reportedly Called Off by Rockstar

Making movies from video games is pretty common these days. One such game that seemed like an easy choice — Grand Theft Auto, has not made it to the silver screen yet. It seems there were talks about a GTA movie but it never saw the light of day. It was revealed that this movie would have starred Eminem.

In a recent development, some interesting details about Rockstar’s past have been revealed. Spotted by VideoGamesChronicle, Kirk Ewing, Veemee co-founder, and CEO, revealed the GTA movie details in Bugzy Malone’s Grandest Game podcast.

GTA Movie Starring Eminem Was Planned

In the podcast, Ewing stated that he tracked down the president of Rockstar, Sam Houser, to talk about a GTA movie. He also stated that this was due to the relationship he had developed with both the company and Houser himself. They had this conversation soon after the release of Grand Theft Auto III.

Furthermore, Kirk narrated an incident that happened at that time. The franchise was at an astonishing level in terms of popularity, and many industries, including Hollywood, wanted to cash in on its success. All the big players in the movie industry aimed to have a piece of the GTA cake.

One of the producers called Kirk at 4 AM to discuss the possibilities of a film based on the game. He claimed that the producer said that they had Eminem, one of the biggest personalities, in mind to star in the planned GTA movie. Also, Tony Scott, the director of the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun was ready to direct the film.

Why Was It Called Off?

Instantly, Ewing went over to Houser with this information. However, to his dismay, Houser immediately rejected all ideas about making a GTA Movie. The reason for the same was also revealed in the podcast.

Houser had realized that what Rockstar Games had created was bigger than any particular movie back then. Apparently, he was glued to his guts and made up his mind not to create any films based on the game.

GTA is now a cultural juggernaut and was declared the most profitable entertainment product ever in 2018. As of now, the studio has confirmed that GTA VI is in development, and Rockstar has suggested gamers would be able to play it by 2024 or 2025.

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