Here Are 8 Ways You Could Make the Office Environment Fun Yet Productive

Motivating employees in the work environment is probably the hardest undertaking any organization takes on. No matter how hard you try, you will often find an employee or two feeling low in morale or losing interest in the work completely.

Thus, it is monumental that the employers do everything in their power to make the environment much more fun, while still retaining high levels of productivity. This can be a tricky task though, as too much relaxation for the employees can be counterproductive.

Fortunately, we have listed down some amazing ideas for you to adapt that will keep the perfect work/fun balance maintained in your organization. Let’s have a look:

Set Up a Recreational Area

One of the best motivational tactics that you could adopt is to set up a dedicated recreational area for your employees. A safe haven where everyone could go for their breaks, gossips, and the occasional power naps.

However, simply setting up a few couches and tables won’t do you any good. You would want to install a gaming console or two to truly motivate the people. And while you are at it, add a smart TV to go along with it. And powering both of these would be none other than entertainment-fueled Spectrum Triple Play plans. Simply contacting the Spectrum customer service team can get you an instant subscription.

Plan Frequent Outings

The next thing that you should add to your to-do lists for employee motivation is to plan lunches, picnics, or dinners, etc. for the employees on different occasions. Convince your employees that they are not the only ones caring about the organization, the organization cares about them too. This way, you would also be able to increase the level of comfort with your employees, thus developing trust and loyalty.

Celebrate the Holidays

Employees need to know that they are not merely cogs in the organizational conveyer belt working on mundane tasks day after day. They are humans and would want to be allowed to celebrate the festivals and holidays that they are accustomed to.

Thus incorporating the Christmas spirit in the office, encouraging dressing up during Halloween, or permitting employees to take leaves during their religious holidays will only improve the overall office morale.

Enable Employee Initiatives

Usually, employees will need to be guided or instructed to do things a certain way. However, there will often come a time when employees will have productive contributions to the business. If and when such a time arrives, it is vital that you encourage those employees to put their ideas forward for the organization to consider. And if the need arises, even allow employees to initiate the execution of those ideas if they suit the organizational goals. This would ultimately convince the employees that are input matters to the company and they are not merely tools to get the job done.

Offer Incentives

While the main goal of any employee is financial compensation at the end of each month, it does not mean that that is the only thing they deserve. Offering additional incentives are a highly effective way of improving employee retention rates.

These incentives may not necessarily be monetary; you may choose to offer luncheon vouchers for a fancy food joint, offer vacation tickets, or even giveaway a console or two for the gamers in the house. Though, these would be rather significant expenses on the company’s part and should be reserved for restricted occasions.

Get an Office Pet

Studies have shown that bringing pets into the office environment can improve employee morale and decrease stress levels. You could consider getting an office pet, such as a dog or cat that your employees could engage with when they are feeling blue. And if getting an office pet is not something you want to do, allowing people to bring their own pets sometimes is something you could consider.

Encourage Hobbies at the Workplace

Usually, everyone has a hobby or activity that they are immensely passionate about. If you ever strike up a conversation about a topic of their interest, they would get lost in their passion, spending hours talking about it, and sharing their personal stories with their peers. Allowing employees to take part in their hobbies while they are not working would thus be a great way of keeping the employees, entertained, refreshed, and productive.

Celebrate Employee’s Personal Life Events

Every employee takes part in the annual meetings, the dinners, and the office picnics even when they are not interested. It only makes sense that the company returns the favor. Celebrating employee birthdays and anniversaries is what the organization could do for the employees in return. From sending a mere wishing card to as far as gifting expensive items, there is a lot a company can do to appreciate its employees.

All Things Considered

These are only some effective ways for you to make the workplace comfortable, fun, and productive for all your employees. There are several strategies you could adapt by incorporating the local culture and traditions as well.

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