Hideo Kojima Reveals Pitched ‘Mads Max’ Game That Mads Mikkelsen Thought Was A Joke


Hideo Kojima definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, and that’s why so many in the gaming community love him. While he’s been hard at work on Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and pouring his heart out about his love for him, the game creator took to social media once more to share a pitched game starring his bestie Mads Mikkelsen that was so far-fetched, the actor thought it was a joke. 

Kojima took to Twitter to share a tale of what it almost was. Or, what he wanted to be “almost was”? Anyway, he mentioned that he has had “a number” of ideas centering on Mikkelsen, including one for a game tentatively called Mads Max. Get it? Because his first name is Mads? 

“I have a number of ideas that I want to create with Mads as the main character,” he began, which makes sense, given his role in Death Stranding and Kojima’s love for movies. “I once explained of them to Mads. He listened intently, but when I told him the title, he broke his face. He seemed to think I was joking. I was serious, though. The tentative title was “MADS MAX.” 

Again, we say: Kojima, don’t ever change. 

We’ve got to ask: say the actor didn’t assume this was a joke, and they decided to greenlight this for Kojima Productions; what would that game look like to you? Mad Max but with Mikkelson? Or was it just a play on words, and you think it should be something completely different? Shout out those thoughts and desires in the comment section below! 


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