Holiday Dog Costume Queen Amazing Gracie Doodle Shares Her Secrets – Dogster

Decorative, colorful, imaginative: Those are the qualities of Amazing Gracie Doodle’s Instagram and TikTok pages, where you’ll find the 6-year-old Australian Labradoodle Gracie dressed in elaborate costumes, ranging from a Christmas tree wrapped in garland and ornaments, “grilling” for the 4th of July and roses in her fur for Valentine’s day.

“Holiday photos are my obsession,” says Gracie’s pet mom Fanny Karpman, who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah and each year has Gracie decked out in celebration of both.

Fanny started taking photos when Gracie was a puppy and immediately knew how much joy Gracie’s costumes could bring to the world because of how uplifting the creative outlet was for herself. A former lawyer, Fanny was going through a funk in her personal life. Creating unique and color costumes became therapeutic, she says.