How Business Mogul, Taliah Waajid, Juggles Three Brands – And What’s Next


A true business mogul from the start, Taliah Waajid started her namesake haircare brand at age 14.

Several years and ventures later, Waajid’s products are a household name and can be found on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart and Target. We caught up with Waajid to hear about a day in her life, and what it takes to launch and maintain three thriving brands.


Before launching her natural haircare brand, Waajid was styling her neighbors’ and family members’ hair with concoctions made out of lotions and oils that she found around the house. She eventually began working for a braiding salon where she acquired new customers and learned the ins and outs of client interaction.

Waajid never takes “no” for an answer, which is something she attributes to her success. She also shares that being open-minded and hungry to learn new things are key.

“I’m also not ashamed to say, ‘I don’t know” or “I was wrong” and that allows me to be willing to change and make changes in my business. I don’t get too excited about the wins and I use the loses as an opportunity to learn and grow. Finally, the best thing that I’ve done (and still do) within my business is ask “Why” until all of my questions have real answers.”

She also loves being busy – after founding Taliah Waajid Brand, she also launched Uncle Jimmy Products, inspired by her favorite uncle, and World Natural Hair Show, the first and largest event that celebrates natural beauty and healthy living, in its 23rd year.

“It is necessary to prioritize so I keep a daily schedule of what I am working on and I am constantly updating it depending on what items turn “hot” throughout the business day or week. Most of the time, the priorities change within an hour or a day. I just have to stay on top of what is outstanding until it is done and crossed off of my list. I am fortunate to have a great team that helps to take some of the load off me.”

When asked about what it takes to launch, maintain and grow several successful businesses, Waajid states that offering products or services that bring value to consumers is the first thing that has to be in order. Without a marketing budget, the product has to be able to bring customers back for more on its own merit. Waajid’s top things to consider when starting a business?

  • Stay within a budget of what you can afford.
  • Know who you want to sell to. Who is your target audience?
  • Know what the competition is offering and which gaps you can fill. Advertise those gaps if you are filling them.
  • Created a launch calendar outlining everything that will happen leading up to the actual launch date.

Waajid’s latest collection is Apple and Aloe. It is currently sold at Walmart, CVS and beauty supply stores nationally. Waajid also recently announced that her products are now available in 500 additional Walmart doors nationwide. “We will be adding some exciting newness to the Taliah Waajid Brands. Stay tuned, follow us on Instagram @taliahwaajidbrand and visit”


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