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Trading stocks is an excellent way to supplement your income, establish long-term wealth, and make your money work for you. But investors need to take care because trading involves real risk, and learning to trade without a degree in finance can be fraught with expensive mistakes. There are loads of online sources to help even a total beginner learn some of the tools of the trade and confidently enter the stock market, but these online sources can often be as expensive as a lost principle. However, this bundle covers everything you need to know to get started without breaking your bank.

The Premium Novice-to-Expert Day Trading and Technical Analysis Bundle does exactly that. Even someone with complete ignorance of financial systems can learn the fundamentals and confidently begin investing in the stock market. Through six courses totaling 168 lessons students get a crash course in proven profitable strategies in day trading. Best of all, and for a limited time, the entire course bundle is currently available for only $20. The combined value of all six courses is $1,200 (that’s a savings of 98 percent).

The course bundle covers an array of critical topics in the modern world of investing. Among other things, students will learn the basics of critical investment strategies such as investing for retirement, swing and volume trading, and the dangerous, but exciting world of trading cryptocurrencies.

Courses are taught by full-time, professional day trader, Travis Rose. Mr. Rose has made a vocation out of day trading for years now. The market acumen that Mr. Rose has developed wasn’t free. There were costly mistakes as he grew his understanding and developed his skill as a day trader. That’s precisely why he started teaching these courses. To help others achieve the financial freedom the stock market offers while minimizing the costly mistakes that are associated with learning.

Developing a basic understanding of the stock market and financial systems is critical for being able to retire comfortably. Further understanding can lead to even more financial freedom. Take control fo your financial future with this premium trading & analysis bundle.

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