Learn To Play The Piano In A Few Weeks With This $20 Crash Course

Anyone can get sounds to come out of a piano, but turning those random sounds into music takes some work. The good news is that there are few instruments that complete beginners will find easier to learn than the piano. It can take students weeks or even months to produce single notes on other instruments, but the piano is remarkably intuitive.

If you’ve had ‘learn to play the piano’ on your bucket list for some time now but have no clue how to get started, then the Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle is a great place to begin. With six courses covering 232 lessons, you’ll start tackling basic concepts on the piano and move on to the more complex notes in no time.

The Piano for Beginners Bundle is created by Skill Success, a leading e-learning hub that provides carefully curated online video courses on everything from lifestyle to business. With help from their highly-rated instructors David Brogan and Ilse Lozoya — two professional pianists with over 56 years of experience between them — you’ll be channeling your inner Beethoven in just a few weeks of practice.

The courses in this bundle feature lessons on controlling your sound, phrasing, playing arpeggios and legato accompaniments, getting stronger fingers, avoiding injuries and more. Thanks to accompanying practical videos, you can follow all the exercises at your own pace and gradually grasp the basic principles of a good piano technique.

Once you complete these lessons, then you can move on to mastering rhythmic figures as whole notes, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth and dotted notes, triplets, and many other possible combinations, all in the C major scale. You’ll also learn how to play every favorite festive song you have ever wanted to learn on the piano when you get the Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle for $19.99, or $3.33 per course.

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