Leave The Cleaning To MyGenie’s Smart Vacuum

House cleaning has come a long way. Not only have cleaning products made it easier to break down grime and grease, but advancement in technology has spilled over to the arena of cleaning tools.

Smart vacuum cleaners have emerged as one of the most popular creations. Not only can they operate without the assistance of humans, but they can be programmed to operate on schedule, in many cases making the thought of vacuuming an afterthought.

The MyGenie XSonic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner takes cleaning even a step further. This smart vacuum not only handles sampling vacuuming duties, but it also is capable of mopping making it a true dual-threat machine.

This machine comes fitted with twin brushes guided by gyroscopic navigation. As a result, it cleans in an efficient and precise manner. While the two brushes boast 1800 PA power, capable of cleaning even the most stubborn messes and pet hair, its motor runs quietly. Its noise output is fewer than 60 decibels.

The MyGenie’s dustbin is 0.6 liters, as it takes quite a bit to fill it up. The mop receptacle is 0.3 liters. The powerful twin-brush system reduces airborne allergens and fine dust particles.

Making this smart vacuum even better is that it comes with a remote control. If you wanted, you could activate it while you’re watching a movie on your couch. When finished cleaning, the device returns to its base, which also doubles as a charger. Speaking of charging, a charge of three to five hours powers the MyGenie for up to 120 minutes.

One verified purchaser gives it 4 stars on a 5-star scale.

“Better at vacuuming than I expected. Love this! We’ve only got a small unit but it is perfect. Cleans well and picks up even fine dust,” writes Alison P.

This dual-threat smart vacuum is available at an 82 percent discount and can be purchased for $164.95. Buy it today and leave the vacuuming and the moping to the MyGenie.

Prices subject to change.

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