Leslie Jones’ Olympic Commentary Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Although the Olympics have ended, the best part of the global competition was not the actual competition– but one comedian’s commentary.

Leslie Jones had social media users in stitches as she narrated various sports events during the two-week sporting event. The 53-year-old comedian and actress gave her hilarious, uncensored commentary for almost every event. 

Twitter users commented on her best moments.

One particular event- women’s synchronized swimming– solidified Jones’ status as the GOAT of sports commentators. 

Referencing the Chinese team’s entrance and performance in the water, Jones dropped comedic gems like, “You can’t do this sh*t with a floaty.”


The comedian cracked an expletive-laden rant regarding runner Sifan Hassan’s exhaustion after the athlete appeared to collapse after finishing her race, screaming, “Somebody get this girl some water!”

“She just ran 17,000 miles!”


Twitter users chimed epically.


And let’s not forget her hilarious take on the rhythmic gymnastics team with its sparkles and hula hoops.


Jones’ comedic genius is underrated. According to a video the six-foot entertainer posted on Instagram, she’s been in the game for 34 years.


The Coming 2 America star was also a cast member and writer on NBC’s long-running late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live from 2013 to 2019.

Now that The Olympics are over, we have to see what Jones gets into next.

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