LG Transparent OLED Displays Revealed Ahead Of CES 2022; Ups Competition With Samsung



Coming from the LG Display segment of the popular South Korean brand, we have several unique displays to check out. These include OLED Shelf, Show Window, Shopping Managing Showcase, and Smart Window.

LG OLED Shelf Announced

LG OLED Shelf Announced

Going into the details, the LG OLED Shelf concept features two 55-inch transparent OLED screens, one on top of another. Plus, there’s a shelf right at the top, giving this concept its name. The brand says the OLED Shelf is an ideal TV for a living room as one can also display art on one or both screens.

What’s more, if you put an actual painting behind the LG OLED Shelf, you can still see it, thanks to its transparent nature. Its aesthetic features and always-on display make it compatible with all living rooms, LG said. It also includes a motorized sheet of opaque material that rolls down like a projected screen for better delivery of colors on images.

LG Smart Window Explained

LG Smart Window Explained

Next, we have the LG Smart Window, which is again a transparent OLED display. The South Korean brand has designed this particularly for video calls and presentations. The LG Smart Windows could be ideal for office buildings or can even be setup at home studios.

LG Shopping Managing Showcase Revealed

While the LG OLED Shelf is designed for the home, the brand also has something unique for department stores and other large spaces. The new LG Shopping Managing Showcase brings a transparent OLED display that’s attached to a wooden stand that delivers a futuristic experience. Commercials and other brand images can be displayed here.

LG Show Window Unveiled

Similarly, the LG Show Window features four 55-inch transparent OLED displays for businesses. Here, the LG Show Window can be used to showcase products or even show off concepts and commercials. The brand says versions of it are already on display at the new Musinsa fashion store in Seoul, London, China, and Japan.

LG Ups OLED Competition

LG Ups OLED Competition

The rivalry between Samsung and LG when it comes to displays has been evident for years now. LG has continuously provided unique and advanced displays, including devices like the LG rollable TV. Now, the company has revamped its design and technology once again to hit the market with transparent OLEDs.

Naturally, one can expect some announcements from rival Samsung as well. To note, Samsung is still one of the largest providers of displays for smartphones, even for Apple. It remains to see what Samsung will announce to up the competition with transparent OLEDs from LG. Currently, the LG transparent OLED models will be showcased at the CES 2022 and their availability and other details will also be disclosed then.

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