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Martha Stewart’s Skin Is Thriving More Than Her Vegetable Garden and That’s Saying Something — See Photo

Is there anything Martha Stewart can’t do? She can bake, she can set the most beautiful table, she can thirst trap with the best of them, and she can grow one hell of a garden, as evidenced by her latest Instagram post.

The homemaking expert shared a throwback pic of herself from spring, admiring a stunningly huge spinach leaf in the garden at her home in Bedford, New York. While the greens are gorgeous, it’s Stewart’s skin that immediately grabs your attention. To say she’s glowing is an understatement. She’s practically giving the sun a run for its money with her radiance. 

Stewart is dressed for gardening in a green jumpsuit and straw hat (kudos on the sun protection, Martha!). While some of her makeup is hidden under the brim of her hat, she’s sporting super-fresh skin, apricot blush, and her signature frosty pink lipstick, looking every bit the star that she is, even while digging in the dirt.

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Before you go asking Stewart to drop her skin-care routine, she already has! She told Allure that yes, she still gets up at 4 a.m. to apply a mask on her face, neck, and décolleté, and she’s been very vocal about her love for Mario Badescu products as well as Clé de Peau Beauté. (She’s even a spokesperson for the brand.) And she never lets her head hit the (freshly laundered and ironed, I’m sure) pillow without washing her face. “I would never go to bed unless I have washed my face,” she told Allure. “Even if I’m with a lover, I do not go to bed with makeup on. I can’t. I feel horrible.” 

When Stewart speaks, we listen — especially if her words of wisdom can lead us to such a glam glow.

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