Master Microsoft Excel’s Most Advanced Functions For Just $45


Microsoft Excel is commonplace in the workforce. Useful across various industries, it’s helpful in tasks like data entry, data management, charting and graphing, and accounting. But the aforementioned is only the surface level of what Excel can really do.

With hundreds of functions, the spreadsheet powerhouse is capable of performing a smattering of complex tasks, including financial analysis, task automation, and programming. Having basic skills of Excel is expected from anyone who’s part of the modern workforce, but if you want to stay ahead of your peers, mastering advanced Excel functions can help you advance in your career.

The 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle contains 12 courses, each of which zero in on the software’s more advanced tools. By perusing 42 hours of premium expert-led content, you can learn more about data visualization, analysis, formatting, formulas, and more. Grab it on sale for just $44.99, which amounts to less than $4 per course.

Taught by the likes of Bryan Hong, a self-proclaimed data analysis ninja, and Jordan Goldmeier, an internationally recognized analytics professional and data visualization expert, this multi-part course package does not fall short in teaching you how to unleash Excel’s full potential. You’ll dive into financial model components and creating your own models, and explore powerful analytics tools like forecasting, optimization, and Monte Carlo simulation.

The bundle also offers an in-depth discussion on data visualization so you can go beyond pie charts and graphs. You’ll learn all about Excel’s unique features like filled maps, sparklines, custom templates, dynamic visuals, and interactive form controls, as well as come to grips with creating interactive reports and dashboards. In terms of formulas, you’ll discover Excel’s more complex use cases like detecting duplicates, creating dynamic workbook links, randomizing lists, and configuring many-to-many lookups.

Excel is more than just arranging data sets. Learn more about what it can do with 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle, currently on sale for $44.99.

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