Meet Cheers, The Alcohol Supplement That Cuts Hangovers In Half

It’s one thing when you wake up with a hangover as a college kid. You’re young, you’re mostly carefree, and you’ve got plenty of latitude to blow off class. At most, you can get a few extra hours of sleep, rally yourself back into game form to go out, and party to your heart’s desire the very next night.

However, it’s another thing when you wake up hungover in your mid-30’s. Or 40’s. At that age, it doesn’t take nearly as many drinks to leave you a step or two off your game the next day, and you likely don’t have the kind of leeway you used to have in your young 20-year-old body. There’s a full work day to go handle, schedules to keep, and maybe a kid or two to care for on top of it all. Not being at 100 percent can have a much greater impact on a responsible career professional, to say the least.

Cheers understands that even moderate drinking results in feeling less than 100 percent the next day. That’s why they’re pioneering an entirely new category of products in alcohol-related health, all designed to support your liver and help you feel great after drinking  Now, with over $25 million in online sales, Cheers is rallying investors to take its flagship product, Cheers Restore, to the next level – and into the hands of anyone who consumes alcohol.

Cheers is changing the way you drink alcohol.

The brand’s best-seller, Cheers Restore, gets right to the source of what causes that lethargic, run-down, hangxiety-ridden feeling that comes the day after drinking. It’s all thanks to their hero ingredient, Dihydromyrecitin (DHM), a natural plant extract derived from sources such as the Japanese raisin tree. DHM has been used for centuries as an herbal liver supplement and hangover remedy in traditional Eastern medicine – its original usage dates back to the year 659 when it was published in the world’s first official pharmacopoeia.

Since the promising research introducing DHM to the academic community in 2012, there has been an increasing number of scientific studies showcasing DHM’s efficacy in reducing GABAa rebound, as well as its benefits to the liver, among other non-alcohol-related health benefits.

Using DHM, Cheers Restore reduces GABAa rebound and acetaldehyde exposure (the primary causes for why you don’t feel 100 percent the next day), while also offering liver support to keep that vital organ healthy and working efficiently. While no product is a miracle cure, the Cheers Restore formula has been tested in a patent study, in which participants taking Cheers reported feeling about 50 percent better the next day across eight of the most common hangover after-effects, including headaches, nausea, energy, and focus.

While Cheers currently sells products that support your liver and help you feel better after drinking, they feel it’s equally important to help empower customers to prioritize their overall health in ways extending beyond the direct benefits of their products.

Cheers’ vision is to help create “a world where everyone can enjoy alcohol throughout a long, healthy, and happy lifetime.” That comes with a particular emphasis on ‘healthy’, a term that isn’t normally used in tandem with alcohol. However, Cheers was engineered specifically to benefit your long-term health while also helping you feel better in the short term. The research-backed brand keeps a firm commitment to educating their customers on the science behind their products, as well as how they can keep their liver healthy over the long haul.

Cheers is seeking investment dollars now

Following their appearance on Shark Tank in 2018, Cheers has generated over $25 million in revenue and sold over 13 million doses of their products to-date. They are a true leader in this category of alcohol-related health, and are poised to continue building substantial brand equity in the more than $250 billion yearly U.S. alcohol industry.

Right now, Cheers is seeking crowdfunding investments to fund their next growth stage: a move into retail. Their goal is simple: anywhere alcohol is sold, they want to be there too. And, their vision is resonating with drinkers. Nearly 50 million Americans have had contact with Cheers through Facebook/Instagram alone with an average frequency of roughly 10x. They have built a trustworthy brand that connects with new & existing customers every day, and their significant online presence has allowed them to understand who their consumers are, and how to best reach them. This lays the groundwork for a strong retail debut, and prepares them for this next stage of growth.

Those interested in investing in Cheers can head to the company’s StartEngine page. Learn more about their plans for growth and consider an investment in Cheers & the future of alcohol-related health as a whole. Right now, Cheers is also offering a 20 percent discount on products sold through their website ( when buyers use the code INVEST20.

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