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Naked and Famous bar in Seville completed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil

Madrid-based studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil has used reflective materials, neon lighting and sunset colours to create intense interiors for a bar in Seville.

Called Naked and Famous, the bar contains a series of rooms that explore extremely different moods, thanks to varying colours, materials and lighting conditions.

Blue room in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The bar features three distinctively different rooms

According to architect Cristina Domínguez Lucas, co-founder of Lucas y Hernández-Gil, the aim was create to a visual experience that echoes the taste sensations of the various cocktails on offer.

“We hope to intensify the experience of cocktail drinking by achieving an atmosphere of saturated tones where visual perception establishes connections with the sense of taste,” she told Dezeen.

Laboratory room in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The design aims to intensify the experience of drinking cocktails

Naked and Famous is the latest venture from the team behind the popular Seville restaurant Casaplata, which opened in the Spanish city in 2018.

While the cocktail bar has a similarly contemporary feel, with industrial-style materials and bold forms, the design is much more immersive.

Lobby of Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The entrance lobby is framed by mirror surfaces

You arrive via a mirror-lined lobby, intended to play with your perception of space.

From here, a tall arched doorway leads through to a room where everything is a vivid shade of pink.

Pink room in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The central room is a vivid shade of pink

There are two more spaces to discover.

One is a softly lit room coloured in midnight blue, described by Lucas as a space of  “silence and shadows”.

The other is a laboratory-inspired room featuring a cocktail bar framed by metallic surfaces. Argon-blue lighting gives the room a turquoise glow.

“Here we find ourselves surrounded by metalised tones and reflections, just as in a great cocktail shaker,” said Lucas.

Blue room in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
Another of the rooms is coloured in a midnight-blue tone

The design takes inspiration from the light artworks of Dan Flavin and James Turrell, as well as the paintings of Milton Avery. The colour palette is based on the colours of the sky during sunset hours.

The lighting effects are amplified by the combination of multi-textural and see-through materials, particularly the corrugated and perforated metal that forms internal walls, and the acoustic foam on the ceiling.

Doorway to laboratory room in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
The bar is designed with a laboratory feel

The rooms have been furnished with bespoke tables and chairs designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil’s furniture studio, Kresta Design.

Based on the forms of kitchen utensils, these designs feature cone shapes, splayed legs, high-gloss surfaces and velvet upholstery.

Reflective surfaces in Naked and Famous bar by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
Argon-blue lighting is reflected around the space

Lucas and partner Fernando Hernández-Gil Ruano founded their studio in 2007.

Other completed projects include the La Hermandad de Villalba guesthouse and the Juana Limón cafe in Madrid.

The photography is by Juan Delgado.

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