Nexus Gamers: 4 vs 2 RAM Combs Increase New Ryzen Performance by Up to 10%

Last Sunday the Gamers Nexus Channel published a Video demonstrating that in the new Ryzen R5 5600x, if you use 4 memory sticks instead of 2 you can have up to 10% FPS gain in games.

First Steve Burke, the channel presenter, demonstrated that difference in capacity in this case would not be a problem as the tests would use a maximum of 16GB of 2 combs, and using the same latency, frequency timings and using the same kit but ranging between 2 and 4 combs, we see a constant difference of 2% to 5% and reaching 10% in some cases which is significant, and this difference can make a game that was previously suffering to reach 60 FPS or 144 FPS and make it more tangible to be played.

This raises an important question when it comes to memory upgrade, as many people sometimes choose to take only 2 combs, thinking about the future upgrade and are often stagnant in this number of modules.

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Right here at DICASPC Giancarlo has already published a very complete article about the gains with the ZEN2 architecture, the Ryzen 3000 processors.

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