Nintendo’s Selling Miniature Versions Of Its Iconic Nintendo Store Statues

Nintendo Store
Image: Nintendo

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Nintendo’s world-famous store in Tokyo (or even if you’ve just watched hundreds of videos of other people visiting it on YouTube instead like us), you’ll no doubt have seen the four statues that proudly adorn the shop floor.

Mario, Link, Isabelle and an Inkling can all be seen on large podiums in the centre of the store – the four characters serve as the store’s mascots, often being used in its logos and even being plastered all across the store’s windows. Now, Nintendo’s giving you the chance to take these statues home. Kind of.

Here's how the statues appear in-store, giving you and your money a warm welcome.
Here’s how the statues appear in-store, giving you and your money a warm welcome. (Image: Nintendo)

From this weekend, store attendees will be able to pick up miniature versions of the four statues, either separately or in a pack. They’re available for 7,150 yen each (approx. $65 / £46), or for 28,600 yen for all four in a special box (approx. $260 / £187).

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