Random: Sakurai Terminator Reference Sparks DOOM, Fortnite And Among Us Smash Bros. Speculation


Sakurai - Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image: Masahiro Sakurai

Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai is still busy sharing excellent screenshots from Smash Ultimate on Twitter, and while his tweets are always on the more popular end of the scale, his latest effort is really doing the numbers.

Why’s that? Well, earlier this morning, Sakurai shared a new image that appears to show Ken taking an unfortunate turn for the worse in a pool of lava – the telltale sign is a single thumb sticking out of the fire, a neat reference to the ending of 1991 action movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Check it out:

Now, the most likely explanation for the tweet is that – just like the rest of Sakurai’s screengrabs – the staged image is simply a reference to another well-known piece of popular culture. That won’t stop Smash fans from starting up the old speculation engine, though, and while you’ll find a few jokes about Terminator appearing as the final DLC character for Smash in the replies, things have also started to go a bit further.

You see, it turns out that several popular games have also referenced this particular scene in recent years. The result is a rather humourous string of replies in which fans ponder the possibility of an upcoming DLC cameo for a number of different games, seemingly missing the fact that all of them – including this new screenshot – are referencing something else entirely.

Could it be that DOOM is finally getting some Smash representation?

How about Among Us?

Or perhaps it’s Fortnite‘s time to shine?

All joking aside, we can understand why some fans might be thinking that there’s a hint buried in Sakurai’s tweets somewhere – he did, after all, once appear on-screen performing a unique hand gesture that turned out to be a tease for an upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses cameo.

Maybe he really is trolling all of us, and maybe that last DLC slot will be DOOM, Among Us and Fortnite all rolled into one. It’s probably just a reference to Terminator though, isn’t it?


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