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An experimental typography animation based on a kinetic type design by Domagoj Štrok where words get duplicated several times.


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After using a typography animation as page transition, my next endeavour incorporating kinetic typography ideas into a web design, is based on this fantastic animation by Domagoj Štrok for HOLOGRAPHIK®:

This is actually a really interesting challenge: take a fun typography animation like this and try making it part of a web design! Challenge accepted 🙂

The aim was to duplicate the words just like in the video and then, at a specific point, use the result as part of the design.

So, here is the whole flow of the animation:

Okay, this was just for fun really, so don’t take this concept too seriously! It’s not really usable but I hope it serves as an inspiration for what can be done. Keep in mind that this is only a mockup (not scrollable, not responsive) that serves as a proof-of-concept.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think via Twitter @crnacura or @codrops.

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