Roguelike Golf Adventure Cursed To Golf Coming To Switch And PC In 2022


A roguelike golf adventure? It’s more likely than you think. As genres continue to collide, Chuhai Labs and Thunderful Publishing are teeing off with Cursed to Golf in 2022. What platforms is this golfy charmer coming to? Nintendo Switch and PC! Yep, you play as a golfer attempting to escape Golf Purgatory, with 18 holes (dungeons) to get through and 4 biomes. It’s a bizarre mashup of genres as you head into turn-based challenges in 2D side-scrolling golf, with all the fun stuff you’d find on regular golf courses served up in a more interesting way. 

That means players face down water, rough, bunkers, and a whole slew of more twisted fare that only makes sense in this golfish-afterlife-thing. So get ready to take on fans, spikes, explosives, and a whole lot more, stuff that would put your local mini-golf course soiree to shame. Check out the trailer below for a taste of what Golf Purgatory is all about. Alongside the turn-based roguelike stuff, there’s apparently some Metroidvania elements too – why not, right?

There’s a lot of enthusiasm in that trailer and yes, some gameplay too. Calculate the precise angles and speed to land those big shots as you try to maneuver your way out of purgatory.  Of course, with many challenges to face, our golf hero isn’t helpless. With many abilities like time rewinds, scattershots, and various speed-ups and slowdowns, players have the chance to manipulate the flow of golf to their advantage. As it’s in the roguelike format, every run is different, and the tools in your golf bag are going to be different every time. You never know what you might discover by combining different mechanics in new ways.

What do you think about Cursed to Golf? Are we entering an era full of golf-based takes on other genres and subgenres? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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