Sakurai “Can’t Count” How Many Times He’s Thought About Quitting Game Development


Masahiro Sakurai
Image: Harada’s Bar

Most Smash Bros. fans will already know how much effort game director Masahiro Sakurai puts into each title, but what’s not been made quite as public is how often he’s been pushed to his limits.

While on the subject of “retirement” in his part two chat with the Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada, Sakurai spoke about how he’s thought about quitting game development on more occasions than he can remember while acknowledging how “tough” it can be.

“Making games is really tough. I can’t count how many times I’ve thought that I want to quit”

Harada seemed somewhat surprised to hear this – with Sakurai reiterating how “games are just more fun to play” than create.

“I looked at the questions we received on Twitter and a lot of people asked what kind of game I wanted to make. There’s no game I want to make… is what I’d like to say, but basically games are just more fun to play than make.”

There are many other factors to consider when it comes to game development, according to Sakurai.

“Even if you work really hard on making one, sometimes you get picked on, things don’t go well, and there are many setbacks that can happen. Also, it could mean that you’re cutting your own life short to make games.”

It’s really tough like a thorny path. You have to think about competing with others because it is a competition. You have to fight and survive…”

In saying this, Sakurai likes the idea of sticking with it, as long as the “demand” is still there.

“I also think I should work as long as I can…If your heart gets broken you can quit, but if not and there’s demand you can keep doing it forever.”

We’re truly thankful to Sakurai for staying in the games industry for as long as he has. His commitment to his role (even if it has taken a toll on him at times) has resulted in many great projects enjoyed by fans around the globe.

You can watch part two of the Harada’s Bar Masahiro Sakurai special over on YouTube.


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