Sean Kingston Accused Of Assaulting And Pulling Pistol On Music Video Director Over Dead Cellphone

Sean Kingston is in hot water with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) after being accused of assaulting, dragging and pulling a gun on a music video director on November 5.

TMZ reported that GXDLIKE told the publication that he had been staying in Kingston’s LA home for three months. And around 2 a.m., the “Beautiful Girl” singer summoned the director to film something, but the music director’s phone had died. The Jamaican-American singer reportedly became incensed and attacked GXDLIKE. He was allegedly punched in the face, dragged down the hallway of his house and then demanded GXDLIKE vacate the premises. 

The director wasn’t seriously injured, but he claimed he had abrasions on his face. According to TMZ, GXDLIKE filed a report with the LAPD regarding the assault. Kingston hasn’t commented on the incident.

After the alleged track, the victim took to Instagram to talk to his fans. Through his IG Stories, he posted images of supporters disclosing he didn’t deserve the way he was reportedly treated. GXDLIKE also had time for any Kingston detractors who tried to justify the manner he was treated.

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Photo Courtesy of GXDLIKE/ Instagram

GXDLIKE has been documenting Kingston’s life in a Vlog titled Deliverance. The first episode debuted on September 3. The documentary-style vlog examines a day in the life of the former hitmaker as he pulls up on fans at private parties and highlights moments with families, including his mother cooking meals for the clan. 

The latest installment directed by GXDLIKE was uploaded to Instagram on October 22.

This alleged altercation isn’t the first time Kingston caught heat for being aggressive. In 2017, he reportedly caught a beatdown in Las Vegas from Atlanta-based rap crew Migos over a petty beef over Soulja Boy.

The creative hasn’t disclosed if he will continue to have a working relationship with Kingston, and it’s not clear why the “Letting Go” singer allegedly assaulted GXDLIKE, but we hope the situation gets revolved. 

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