Stardew Valley’s Creator Is Hosting A $40,000 Esports Cup Next Month


Stardew Valley
Image: ConcernedApe

Competitive gaming doesn’t stop at FPS and MOBA, nowadays there are all sorts of games you can ‘compete’ in at an esports level to prove you’re the best. Still, this news may come as a surprise. Stardew Valley creator ‘ConcernedApe‘ and Stardew Valley YouTuber ‘UnsurpassableZ‘ have announced the social farming sim is hosting its first-ever competitive cup.

The tournament will kick off next month on 4th of September. The creator says it will be “a competition of skill, knowledge, and teamwork” featuring some of Stardew Valley’s “most dedicated players” and there’s a total prize pool of over $40,000 USD.

As you can see in the trailer above, the teams have already been selected and will be required to complete in various challenges to earn the most points. UnsurpassableZ has uploaded a video introducing the players and sharing some information about the challenges. There’ll be over 100 tasks – and they range from collecting every egg at the egg hunt to giving Pam a pale ale.


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