Stardew Valley’s Creator Won’t Release His New Game Until He’s “Personally Satisfied That It’s Very Fun And Compelling”

Haunted Chocolatier

Stardew Valley creator, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, last week revealed his new game, the Haunted Chocolatier.

Although a PC release is the only system he’s “100% certain about”, he still has “every intention” of bringing it to other major platforms as well. So, when can we expect this new title to launch? Apparently, when it’s ready.

In a new blog post on the game’s official website, Barone explained how he wouldn’t rest or release the game until he was “personally satisfied” that it was “very fun and compelling”. And if it doesn’t get there, he just won’t release it – fortunately, he’s pretty confident he’ll see the project out.

“The bottom line, is that I won’t rest, or release this game, until I am personally satisfied that it’s very fun and compelling, in every aspect. If it never gets there, I’ll just never release it. But don’t worry, I have 100% faith that I’ll get it there. Everything is on the right track so far, I have the complete vision for the game in my head, and it’s just a matter of “grinding it out”, which is what I’m doing every day! Thanks for reading all this.”

As noted, it’s just a matter of “grinding it out” as there are seemingly no major deadlines to meet as you might see with a major developer or publisher. This is all about making sure the Haunted Chocolatier turns out to be the best experience it can possibly be for fans. While this should be the standard, it’s reassuring to hear after seeing certain releases rushed out in recent years, that are in a broken state at launch.

Are you happy to wait until Barone is personally satisfied with the state of the game? Comment below.

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