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Looking for a fun, new way to work out with your dog? There’s an app for that! CardioCast, an audio fitness app that offers nearly 2,000 on-demand fitness classes, has unveiled a series of unique new workouts that invite users to “Walk & Jog with Your Dog.”

Getting some fresh air and exercise while walking your dog is nothing new. “But what we’re doing is pumping it up to the next level and creating something more challenging and beneficial, with the help of the latest tech,” says Doug Lotz, CardioCast CEO.

New York City-based fitness coach and CardioCast’s VP of Content Jonathan Carlucci has devised the new workouts in collaboration with his dog Benji, who wears his own canine activity monitor that tracks his number of steps and has a personal step goal of 11,000 a day.

Having a canine workout buddy can be helpful for those struggling with motivation. CardioCast is available on iPhone or Android via the App Store and Google Play, with a $9.99 monthly membership or $89.99 yearly membership. Learn more at

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